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Sarah Crisp Jan 14
So, after all is said and done
I take some time to sit and breathe
A moment's silence so hard won
To unload stress and retake ease-
People are so hard to please
They ask one thing and want another-
The stillness shivers like a breeze
And nurses what the crowds had smothered
An experiment in ballade style. Subject: myself, an introvert, after a long day of work in entertainment and customer service.
calvin schafer May 2018
The toddler walks with no grace,
back and forth as he does his waddle.
Sticky somethings upon his face,
happily drinking his bottle.
Once so small wrapped in his swaddle,
looks like mom I can see it clearly,
cute little boy looks like a model.
The one I love so dearly.

The toddler points at his chair,
he knows I understand his need.
I pick him up and put him there,
he knows its time to feed.
I try to help but let him lead,
getting it in his mouth well nearly.
I cant believe this is my seed
the one I love so dearly.

The toddler starts to rub his eyes,
l can almost open my wine.
I sing him gentle lullabies,
I'm thankful that he is mine.
Like an angel he'll always shine,
it is so sad he will grow yearly.
With each step I'll make sure he is fine,
the one I love so dearly.

When he grows up I'll miss the hugs,
I wont wake up so cheerly.
I'll miss him being scared of bugs,
the one I love so dearly.
jack of spades Sep 2017
Find sanctuaries under other people’s rib cages.
Count all their heartbeats, each exhale,
Wipe down dusty lungs and old notebook pages.
Bite down on bones and fingernails.
Whisper to yourself, “I will prevail.”
Peek out from behind the diaphragm and skin.
The world is foggy through this veil;
This is how familiarity begins.

Old highways only lead you to stages,
ravine edges and steep drops with no rail,
where wanderers have pilgrimed for ages.
You hesitate to fly; you fear you will fail,
unable to follow wanderlust’s trail.
You’re weighed down by all your past sins
and the mountains you turn to scale.
This is how familiarity begins.

In someone else’s heart, a hurricane rages,
sleet and thunder and head-sized hail.
Memory lane’s speed limit has no gauges.
The mountain drops angry avalanches of shale,
So close your eyes and determine to prevail.
There’s no way to count your wins;
The sun is rising and the sky turns pale.
This is how familiarity begins.

Curious, how feelings are so frail
under mountains and ribs, the outs and ins.
Veins and dirt roads trace the trail:
You’ll start to see how familiarity begins.
written for a summer class
Bailey Martin Apr 2016
So many tragedies surrounding me
I, in the middle of it all
I know I'm thinking selfishly
In my little bubble of pity
Crying every single night
While praying everyone be happy
Wishing things were still alright

I saw something that shouldn't be seen
Which provokes my messy scrawl
The heartbreak of my family
The pain of my sibling
I long to help out with the fight
But I'm stuck in this city
Wishing things were still alright

I'm flitting in between
Climbing and hitting a wall
Do I shake and cry and make a scene?
Do I stand up strong and keep it clean?
After seeing this sight
Do I strive to be happy or keep
Wishing things were still alright

Maybe I should go to sleep
Stop scrounging for a bit of light
But I know even then I'll be
Wishing things were still alright.
first ballade (not ballad)
Should you attempt to ease my pain,
take warning, mine's a toxic brew,
with any spillage sure to stain
and burn its noxious way down through
those armored plates protecting you,
concealing that soft heart beneath,
a treat this beast would slowly chew...
the hopes left stuck between sharp teeth.

My dark mind's torn and hardly sane,
left barren since her love withdrew,
and charities would but profane
those memories I hold askew,
those cloudy thoughts of love so true,
those daggers hid in yearning's sheath
that slice when others misconstrue...
the hopes left stuck between sharp teeth.

Go hang from your ****** sugarchain
of coaxes meant to help renew.
There are no passions to regain.
There's nothing left here to imbue.
My shattered rose rejects your glue.
It's not a blossom for your wreath.
So, toss your thoughts of breaking through...
the hope's left stuck between sharp teeth.

And, of a doubt remains as to
the character that's underneath,
then tease my shell and watch me spew
the hopes left stuck between sharp teeth.
Hello, thank you for reading.
ciannie Nov 2015
A dust storm blows through Kansas
Stinging, lashing shrieks
The sand blows holes through a Canvas
Who collects the words, and sleeks
The gunfire of their sound, for weeks
His brows steeled and heavy
The whirlwind quits its wails
And leaves, lily-livered in its belly

A tsunami bellows over Mastushima bay
Body slamming into townsfolk
A long-time build up lead astray
One sun-browned girl is left to choke
But then spits out the damage, in half broke
And the colossal wave recedes
Quietened, calm and apologetic
Anger fleeing as it bleeds

Snow drifts and crawls its way past Moscow
Gentle, almost alluring in its ways
Children present their tongues, and the sow
Charges, squealing, into guts and begins frays
Which twist their ears burnt, lasting for a thousand days
And eventually a conscience melts the qualm
And the damage rectified on-surface
But frostbite clings to fingers; done already is the harm

Weather will hound and scorch and spit
And eventually untether
And though people bite and kick and hit
No emotion lasts forever
attempt at a ballade
Cecelia Francis Jan 2015
Dribbling drops from above,
sunken in cieling
seal skin smooth
saltfish nicely

Floats and
sinks for
ocean floor

Can't stay too

Hey, I'm Mister
look at me!
Can you finish cooking?

Can't exist too

Simple tasks in
order to give
them a quick
and proper
heat death
Dhaye Margaux May 2014
Among the thousand faces in this place
I  hear his voice like thunder in the skies
I see his light, my dear , I am amaze
But I am not afraid  to show my cries
I bare the real me before his eyes
He never thinks each word as lie or pun
And yes, I admire him, he is so nice
Forever in my heart, my precious man.

I never think it’s true between each race
We’ll be fond of our traits, those aren’t lies
I am so fond of him just like a craze
Obsessed of thoughts that angel really flies
To spread his wings for me, see how he tries
He’s like the rain to me, and even sun
And yes, he is a gem among us, guys
Forever in my heart, my precious man.

My love for him is soft just like a lace
He is so kind, so cool, he is so wise
For his heart is like gold I want to praise
He is so far from those pretending guys
He’s real and never tries to speak with lies
He never leaves and runs away or shun
And yes, he is that gem I’ll see him rise
Forever in my heart, my precious man.

He is an angel, dear, I’ll tell it twice
He makes me smile and laugh and have some fun
And yes, being with him is like a prize
Forever in my heart, my precious man.
* A piece from my book BREATHING THOUGHTS  Vol. I.

Ballade is a verse form typically consists of three eight-line stanzas, each with a consistent meter and a particular rhyme scheme. The last line in the stanza is a refrain. The stanzas are often followed by a four-line concluding stanza (an envoi) usually addressed to a prince. The rhyme scheme is therefore usually 'ababbcbC ababbcbC ababbcbC bcbC', where the capital 'C' is a refrain.

— The End —