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O Ganga!
You flow
Across the mighty
O your youthful
Playful force
Making its way
Through the
Ancient boulders
Stream after stream
Joins you
To find its destiny
In your depths
To make you
O the vast Ganga we know
The Aryans found their
Abode on your banks
You saw the rise of Jainism
And Buddhism
O civilization
Not only flourished
But flowered
On your banks!
You've seen it all!
You travel down the Tehri dam
Across Rishikesh
And Haridwar
From the cow's mouth
O the Gomukh
Where your mother
Glacier Gangotri rests!
You enter the plains
Having crisscrossed
Roads many
And lives
Of many a being
Who consider you
As mother
Worship you
You bear their brunt also
Carrying heaps of
You flow Kanpur
You see tanneries
And many more
You nourish them
Keep them running
But they end up
Slowing your run
You reach Allahabad
What's in a name
A tryst of cultures
O you have the
Gangs Jamuni doab
And Gangs jamuni tehzeeb!
Your sisters join you
And here at Prayag
You have Yamuna with you
O a mythical sister
Saraswati does find here way to you
They say
Life goes on on your ghats
As usual
People washing clothes
And people offering
Flowers and performing
Rituals on your banks
O all but consider you
As an earthly mother
A heavenly gift
Just like Saraswati
You have your place in the scriptures as well!
You also
Flow out of mythology
Into our minds
O the mighty Shiva
Took you
In his mighty curls
Of hair
To allay your spirit
As you descended
Onto the Earth
To purge peoples
The Bhagiratha's
Penance you saw then
He got back his wish
Thousand brothers
They say
O you but still see
The Kumbh Mela(fair)

So many souls
You see the serenity
Of Varanasi
The beautiful spirituality
Of its
O young wrestlers
Massaging before
The day's fight
Seers in
Deep meditation
On your banks
O you have settled
This city
You flow across
The ancient
Seen many imperial
Rise and falls
History echoes in you
You enter Bengal
The fertile
Gangetic plains
Bear testimony
To your gifts
With their lush green
And swaying fields
The Farakka barrage
Sees you in one of your
Giant avatars
You irrigate
And touch people!
You flow as the Padma in
O you know
Two lands separated
By political shadows
You flow
As Bhagirathi
In Bengal
The rice bowl!
O your Ilish(Hilda)
People do relish
You flow graciously
Flat extensive plains
Past Kolkata
The city of joy
And into the sea
At Gangasagar
Taking with you
So many memories
And promising
The continuity
Of your divine
O dear river,
You are Ganga!
Jayantee Khare Dec 2017
On 2nd Dec 1984
World’s worst industrial disaster,
“The Bhopal gas tragedy”
Leaving thousands dead,
Children orphaned and many people with disabilities for life.

Following day,
Cries of help were heard
Amongst the dead,
Lay few children alive
Shone bright, a ray of hope,
Miraculously the deadly effects
Of the gas they could cope.

Taken under the caring wings of an NGO,
With Medical aid administered
And the vital  support to grow.

Amongst the children
There was a girl named Ganga
And a boy named Ravi,
together with other such children,
they grew up,
Finding solace in each other’s

When reached teenage,
the girls had to be moved in a women’s hostel.
Distanced made them closer to each other,
And, the love grew stronger.

Ganga always dreamt of riding pillion on a bike with Ravi .
Ravi, the crazy boy,
sold his house (compensation by govt.)
And fulfilled her desire,
Often they went for long rides.

In the following years,
The love bloomed,
With blessings and love,
their marriage was solemnised
By the NGO.

All the women from the hostel
Joined the wedding ceremony,
Bollywood songs were played loudly,
The Haldi, Sangeet and Mehendi
ceremony made it more lively

On the wedding day,
Ganga attired in traditional weaves
And bridal make up,
A beautiful bride she looked
The hostel warden and her spouse
did her “Kanyadan”.

Fortunate was I to bear
the testimony of the union,
As I stayed in the working women’s hostel then.
Ganga moved in to her house
with Ravi to welcome a life anew.
When i stayed in a working women's hostel, i witnessed this marriage. It's a true story. 2 nd dec it completed 33 yrs to the tragedy. I recollected Ganga and wrote this.
(Sangeet: a dance party,
Mehendi: application ceremony of henna on the palms of bride,
Haldi: a body scrub containing turmeric, applied to bride as ceremony.
Kanyadaan: a ceremony of handing over daughter to the groom)
Thnx Sarita for helping in edits...
RiBa Nov 2017
The virginal moon shines
Amidst the diaphanous clouds
Like an ageless nymph
She hides from her lover

The gentle waves ripple endlessly
A hypnotic song they sing
Myriad shadows in her *****
And the Ganga flows on her way

On his tiny boat
A little lantern burns the night
The lonely boatman
Sings in the lonely night

A song of pain and longing
Of a child pining for his lost mother
And the Gentle Ganga
She cries!
RiBa Oct 2017
The luminescent stars
Grace the inky firmament
Diamonds glistening in the night
And Quiet flows the River

Broad and mighty
A Boudicae, wounded in a million wars
And yet beauteous and kind
Gently flows She.

Her sacred touch rejuvenates
Graceful as Diana
She meanders amidst pain and strife
And flows ethereally

Oh Ganga, thy beauty is divine
The Baul sings
Oh Giver of life! Bless me eternally
And Silently flows She.
Ganga - indian name of the Ganges river
Baul - a wandering bard who sing in the villages of Bengal
MOTV Nov 2015
The Ganga talk

eh eh eh

What does it say?

The Ganga talk

eh eh eh

She says light me up

Light me up

The Ganga Talk

Ay ay ay

She says daddy burn me up

Burn me up

The Ganga Sing

What does she sing?

She Singing
oh in harmony

As I put the flame to her, she seems





Eyeing me

I cannot think

my baby

I cannot stop

Puffing my baby
till she's gone

Has triggered this in me!

And All I can think about
Is the next time my
ganga talk,
my baby gonna sing.
Kartik Mahon Jan 2015
Bluntly conveyed. The emotions of a day, a thousand faces everywhere
Rocking forward the notions of a place attracting flocks of disarray
We walk on soft along the banks the ganges flows this a way
What once was, is not unchanged. Suddenly, out of place
Sunlight floods the shadowed ghats, it brightens up our day
The blessed purification, the consistent pace. We are sure to find a ray
The beauty its here its hidden away certainly, probably, maybe but mostly out of place

We travel long, we travel far but oh don’t we all it swells us up away
Tracing the paths of birds overhead, our wings are made of clay
Polluted with intoxicants or the other way around
Our wings *****, they chip they dry…we still sway;
Come forth claim victory don’t cringe that way
A fresh start is needed; flushed fired tired we regain
Will the expected eventual tomorrow ever happen?

Maybe it will... someday
This was a poem I wrote when I was in Banaras last year
me truck
me truck is where i get my luck
good luck, bad luck, nice luck
me truck stunk like a skunk
that seems like bad luck
but it was the good skunk
the wan that gets u bunked

me cat has a bad case of lice
no more chasing ***** mice
the ****** thing only eats rice
the ganga it smokes is so nice
it somkes great out of me pipe

my truck makes me lots of money
me honey likes me money
me brain aint very funny
i also aint a big smarty
so me truck is me only option
i like it, its so very nice
almost as good as mariwawa
otherwise known as de ganga
good bye
tank u truck
for me money and me food
to feed me fam
and me ganga addiction
who knows
who rows
a boat
is in my throat
i think its a boat
il just use the best medication around
oo is makin dat sound???????????
o wait, me just high as de sky
my could fly to Janice meri's ouse
but me wont because me to lazy
relax, it aint halifax
its remax
max get out of here mon
and take your ****** wax candle
me dont like wax candles
dis be a big scandle?
no mon its just me, raldal
sorry randal
dis tin look like a guitar
i found a bag of dog **** in an old winter coat
and remembered that it belonged to me
i mushed it in my fingers and remembered the food i had
it was brown like the ground

this **** hadn't been seen in years
it made me want to play some hoops
i call up my homie snoop
he said one sec im taking a ****
i say...
how ironic
bout tree years ago
me planted me seed in me wife
me wife looked like a a tird babylon
had grown on er tomach
bout a year ago
she **** out a rastafarian mon
and de babylon disapeared
me say me tink es ****
how should me give em away
me tink me give em back to jah
me gona leave im in da cah
and bake em like da ganga
ee almost went back to jah
me wife say wat was u tinkin
me say me didnt no
she say how me be so dum
me say me smoke a ton
she say ow much is dat
me say it be alot
she say ow much is alot
"like, dis much"
(me old out me hands to show)
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