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Thrilled, wrapt, beguiled,
bruised, broken, lost,
tempest toss’d
or star-sky smitten,
it’s your heart we love alone

even if it feels so,
you never are x
Liz Jun 2020
Is it possible to disappear in your thoughts?

'cuz I'm drowning
the mind
Wynn Star Dec 2019
I’m 10 feet down
All day, all night
But I’m rising up
Dirt is filling my eye
Pressing all around
I’m clawing and fighting
My fire shall never die
You could make me blind
You can make me all alone
You can **** my hope
But I won’t let you win
You win when I step off that bridge
You win when I stop fighting
So, let me make it known
You can cope
You do have hope
You aren’t alone
Reach out
Forget your fear
Forget your doubt
I've struggled with depression for 6 years and anxiety for 4 years now. It is a constant battle every day to find energy. Some days are extremely easy while others feel like I'm going to give in. I wrote this for myself, others and my boyfriend to hopefully help us all struggling. Love you guys. wishing you a good day.
buckettears Nov 2018
"The sun will still rise tomorrow if I **** myself"

"Flowers will still bloom if I **** myself"

"The radio will still play upbeat music if I **** myself."

Yes, these things will keep happening. But you know what else will happen?

All the lovers you've had will hold close the pieces of you they have left and wonder if it was something they did that caused it. Your younger siblings will wish that they had slept in your bed more often because now that you're gone they hardly remember the comfort that they had sleeping next to you. Your older siblings will think about times you were upset and they never asked what was wrong. Your best friends will become shells of themselves, beating themselves up for not realising you were not okay. Your mother will not be able to walk through the door of the house without looking for your shoes on the mat, and wondering if you did this to yourself because she yelled at you for tracking dirt. Your father will not drink his morning coffee on the couch, because he remembers how many times you sat there with him and ate your cereal.

Yes, the sun will rise, the flowers will bloom, and the radio will play happy songs. But without you, we do not want the sun to rise, because another day is too painful. We do not want to see flowers, because how dare the world show us something beautiful when you cannot appreciate it. We do not want to hear any music, because it reminds we will never see you dance again.
So reach out. For yourself and others. Everyone is worthy and deserving of life and another chance.
Please let me leave,
I'm ready to go
Into the vast wilderness
Of life undone
By my own frail hands
I watch my story
In monochrome
Radiating in my head
Like radio waves
Playing a funeral song,
A melancholy melody
Written in a language
Only I can speak
This is a poem about having suicidal urges and tendencies. I've lived with mental illness for a very long time, and suicide has affected myself, and many people close to me, so it is an issue that is very close to my heart.
Ronney Mar 2018
Praying with anticipation
Hoping the time never appears,
when the mind quits, the heart splits and life is held with a loosened grip.

Be Brave, Be Fearless
Be Strong, Be Bold

Lock hands, take heart and don’t let go
Reach out, speak out and let us know


When your ready
You’ll be guided towards the right road.
-Everyone needs help at some point, but we are reluctant to seek it for a variety of reasons such as pride and shame.

- There is no shame in asking for help.

-The humbling of ones character is the growth of ones character

-The first step to getting help is to help your self. To do this you must reflect and have self awareness. Be completely honest with yourself acknowledge that help is needed.

-Help must then be accepted in order to take effect.
Inga Apr 2017


we're about to

      S H O W


    let not
  a single

o   u    t

     for against
ignorance in numbers

is what this show's

   lend them your ear

feed them

but don't keep them
n e a r

just smile

let's enjoy this

and down to the next


opening up minds
Rexhep Morina Apr 2017
extensions to an emotion
grown like branches on a tree,
blooming towards beauty,
further reaching the sky,
touching the blue
with the tip of the flowers.
life, bursting out,
in one way or another.
endurance, the key
a way of living, so to speak
surviving the storm, or adapting to it.
giving the branches strength,
strength to withstand the worst,
only to be given another day
another day to bloom,
another day to grow,
to branch out, thicken and, burst out
into something unexplainable,
rather observable,
reaching out to hights
and depths, simultaneously.
most of the times, filling the notes is way more difficult than writing poems, but oh well, I don't like to leave blank spaces, it's just another opportunity to write something, enjoy.
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