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Darryl M May 2019
Why is it wrong for a man to fall in love?
I’m tired of the playa ways.
I’m tired of no strings attatched.
I don’t believe in magic.
But I hope these magical words work on you;
I Love You.

I no longer want to have Chemistry,
With these Silicone babes.
I aim for bona fide.
I aim for you.

My dreams about you are never dry.
I hate obligation,
My love for you is not a rule.
It’s not meant to be broken.
chin lightly nested atop
loosely peopled interlaced fingers
supported via multi purpose table
bent arms displayed elbows cocked
(approximately gabled
at ninety degree angle),
which pose frequently assumed
when pondering what to write,

an idea spawned when clothed left fingered limb
inadvertently roiled the so called "funny bone"
named because of funny feeling generated
when Ulnar nerve compression

triggers pseudo shock sensation
coursing one direction or another  
traveling from neck down into hand
constricted in several places along the way

such as beneath collarbone
or at wrist
most common place for compression
(hands down)

behind inside part of elbow
medical terminology tagged
"cubital tunnel syndrome."

interestingly enough, this scribe attests
more frequent occurrences along
liberal democratic side
no matter I claim dominant right handedness

and reckon eyes that human body electric
eel silly not perfectly symmetric
also chiming in that such vulnerability
a very minor design flaw
extant within the amazing
**** Sapiens anatomy.

— The End —