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Trevor Dowe Nov 2017
These spirits so intrinsic to this city, haunting and beautiful, don't bother me.

I am just like them, I'll slip inside of you and take possession. You'll be my vessel, my connection back to the pleasures of life.

These demons so readily available with their vices, flit through the night sky in searching of their next buyer, their next victim.

I am just like them, I'll slip inside of you and take possession. You'll be my vessel, my outlet for corruption.

Will you be my puppet?
I wanted to play around with the concepts of spirituality and this city of Savannah where there is a clash of different religions and spiritualities.
silkstahr Oct 2017
Isn’t it all games and bets?
With my sweet little marionettes
Charmingly they fight my wars
Dancing to my twiddling force

Happily I watch them give in
To the daily new laws I spin
Dear puppets what choice do you have?
But to dodge from the president’s wrath

Thus I command you to fight
For what should be ours by right
Oil, gold, land and power I lust
Looting the weak must be shushed

To hell you say I should make my way
Blaming me for the wars we play
Remember it was me who was named
To comply the wishes our country claimed

Even you’ve got marionettes to your ease
Gladly abusing them as you please
Power and wealth society craves
It’s not just me who misbehaves

My successors will replace my place
Juggling with morals they will face
For the system was painted by society
And now it pains our humanity
Mister J Aug 2017
This Love consumes me
Eating away my sanity
Dictated by passion
Detached from reality

Controlled by desire
Afraid to let go
Diseased by Lust
Unable to say no

A puppet without strings
Wishing only to become real
To satisfy the wanting heart
To love and be able to feel

Come to me
Oh dearest sweet
Come consume me
Become my heart beat

Control the strings of my heart
Unleash these wild feelings
Guide my every move
Into your very being

Like raging forces of nature
Wreaking havoc across the bedroom
Both trying to dominate and be defiant
In this bare ******* under the moon

As you bite my lips
And your fingernails sink in
Goosebumps all over me
On every inch of my skin

Let the passion come crashing
Like ocean waves pummelling the shore
Like a waterfall pouring on a river
Let me seek and want for more

As puppets controlled by desire
Engulfed in passionate lust
Let the innocence fade away
Let every kiss be a must
Third. :)
Vale Luna May 2017
I have a closet full of shadow puppets
They're funny
Don't you think?
Cuz even though I call them puppets
They're controlling me

Look at them
And you might laugh
Because they look asleep
But if you laugh
You ignite the wrath
Of what lies underneath
Their marble eyes
Like a void black hole
But stare at them
You shouldn't dare
Because from a single meaningless glare
They'll come to life
They'll take your soul
They'll eat you alive
They'll eat you whole

Because these are my shadow puppets
And they live inside my attic
But climb on up
And visit too much
And they'll turn your thoughts to static
They dress themselves in all black
But the fact is
They're not trying to hide
The fact is
If you get close enough
They'll lure you inside

Because these are my shadow puppets
And they live inside my basement
But saying that they aren't alive
Would be an untrue statement
Wooden dummies --
They might look
Just don't be fooled by their vacantness
Take heed of what I've spoken
And if you enter the malicious trap
Just be aware
You won't come back

Because these are my shadow puppets
And they live on a string
But please don't try and make them dance
They're not as funny as you think
And if you accidentally tangle them
Or wrap their threads around their necks
You'll make them quite unhappy
And I assure you
You'll be next

Because these are the shadow puppets
And they're closing in on you
Let them inside
And you will find
They stick to you like glue
One tap on your bedroom door
Two more from the basement --
They're under your floor
Three extra knocks
From inside your wall
But there's more
That's not all
Four bangs from above
They're in the attic
Five pounds in your room
Go check the closet
Watch them creep in through your windows
Let them slip inside your halls
Let them dance up on your ceiling
Let them slink and let them crawl
Let them waltz into your dreams
Let them sleep inside your bed
Let them laugh when they hear you scream


You have a closet full of shadow puppets
Inside your room
Try not to wake them up too often
They surely want your doom

Because these are your shadow puppets
And they live inside your head
It's funny that you call them puppets
When it's you
Hanging by a thread.
(Represents dark emotions)
Alex Kapecki Apr 2017
People suspended like puppets from the medicine
Everyone can feel their strings
Willed by the hands of a creator
Or guarded by spirits from centuries of worship

Look where we dance
Look at how we smile for a shared guess
Wonder how you sleep?
Make yourself an offer for your children
You can't give up the poison
Your neighbor has a fetish
How many strings hold you up?
It's a heart on world with my sleeve steadily exposed
A life line on a call line, dial 888 to be controlled
Puppets on a string to compose this household
The happier we'll be the more we're enclosed

       Smaller spaces to lengthen the gap
       Encircling our inner self control
       Consuming what's left of the demons
       Trying to get a refund on our soul
Love changes colors like a rhyme
Smooth and easy
Eyes like the darkness of time
Slow and steady

Yet we're still not ready for the fight
Insanity walks through the door
And just when the time is right
Our beliefs slowly melt into the floor
maxime Mar 2017
Children play with puppets,
little rag dolls with yarn hair and felt dresses.
Their voice morph to characters,
yet their giggles remain the same.

Children play with puppets,
living the life they've always dreamed of.
Through cardboard sets and imagination,
the puppets explore the world.

Children play with puppets,
and earn a false sense of freedom.
Their words and actions are not their own,
though little to their knowledge.

Children play with puppets,
until those puppets wear thin.
They're left in dust, have lost the trust,
of their controlling child puppeteer.
Solaces Feb 2017
The beating heart in darkness took shape..
It was her..
The one we were looking for..
Her eyes were the color of everything..
They were the color of me...
She then swam through darkness out of the green lit pond..
As I sank and sank in its deep waters..

Her heart was like a falling star.. Only this star was not falling, it was slowly rising.. I was sinking to the bottom of this strange like darkness in a world of light.  Strange to say but everything was getting darker and darker in this abyss of darkness.  Right before I lost consciousness I saw a pale white light above..  I could hear my heartbeat..  It was getting slower and slower..  Just the thought of her being free made me smile one last time..  One last time for good hope..  I somehow knew it was the right thing to free darkness.  I felt myself drifting away..  The last thing I remember was my little brother and I making shadow puppets on the wall.. We stayed up past midnight laughing at our shadow puppets..
Its past midnight, time for bed...
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