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Saudia R Dec 2019
there are some days when it's the headache and you, not you and the headache.

just pound after pound, the core of your brain. the beat you never intended to dance to. and look at us, puppets.

like a ball on a string, our heads rattling around, unaware that heads don't rattle.

trying to push away the push of pain through pills that we pop to pop this pressure point.

but figuring out where to place the pin is the pause.

you don't want to make it worse, but if you can't make it better, best to just...not.

how do normal people function? what is this magical nirvana of blissful calm state? how does one close their eyes and sleep?

when headache likes to play, you can only hope they don't pull the string too hard.
sometime you want to drink the coffee and say **** it.
tanvi sharma Nov 2019
I have this feeling inside me,
like we've all been drugged and given things to play with,
like we're all puppets on the stage of world,
where we do things that make us feel brave ,
but actually we're all just the devil's slaves,
who looks at us and laughs,who feeds on our self doubts;
We,however, are so busy trying to put up the best show,
to fool everyone into thinking "my life is great"
that we don't realize we've become mere puppets
that even our over smart brains are being played with.
Now,its as if this drug didn't quiet work on me
rather it left me stuck in the middle of my journey,
in a place i can see all that is wrong but also can't change it.
As if the corruption is so widespread
that its out of my reach to save those overdosed,from the dead end,
and at the end of the day I'm  left alone ,
alone in the darkness feeling like a helpless partial victim to this experiment.
i often think about how much control social media has over our lives,how we try to capture everything to put it on our stories and a few years back i realized that its actually pointless and makes me desperate for attention .
and the fact that people mainly put happy and good looking  or should i say fake moments on these platforms is toxic . It's a very quote that
"In a society that profits from self doubt,liking yourself is a rebellious act."
B D Caissie Sep 2019
It’s never good when you find out there’s strings attached. It’s even worse when you find out you’re the puppet.

annh Jun 2019
Is it not a paradox that her deception should leave her beauty so unmarked? Her winsome countenance - generously admired - leaves her suitors abject; mere puppets on a string.

Verily, the essence of her is as a tarnished trinket. For to mine own soul she appears as jaded as a ***** house quean. Her eyes which once shone with the light of truth unblemished, a colourless and infinite mire overgrown with the entangled falsehoods she has seeded.

‘Deceiving others. That is what the world called a romance.’
- Oscar Wilde

‘And we all know love is a glass which makes even a monster appear fascinating.’
- Alberto Moravia, The Woman of Rome
Kenji Apr 2019
With a shadow creeping behind me, making every promise empty.
Intoxicating my nerves, I am being chased.
Stalking my forecast, I run at ten speed.
No stopping, I turn around to see a shadow so empty, its mere whispers have demolished into misty ash.
It haunts my every being and stalks my rotten prey.
It displeases my humanity and consumes my lost soul.
I run, run so fast, the lights hit bloom.
Scared, fearful of what it can do, I look down, I see the shadow
The shadow was you.

The ghost I'm trying to escape, just keeps coming back.
The feeling is poison, but beautiful at the same time.
The feeling is toxic, but fills my void of loss and emptiness.
You're a bad guy, playing with my emotions and unleashing my toxic tears.
Confusing my feelings and handling me like a puppet.
Why do I love you?
Since you're the master of puppets, you've dominated and learnt to control me.
Let me go.
Or I will turn around, and leave.
Leave you empty, till you lose control.
Metallica - Master of puppets
Sandaru Dec 2018
Dance to my tune
Puppet of puppets
Think to yourself that you are in control
Let me control you with strings of Steele
Forever remain in my shadow you will.

Know your god or gods
But know that I am the one in control
I control true fear true anger true hate
I am what's wrong with this world
I am what governs justice
I am what you seek to accomplish.

But you cannot abolish me
For I am your god
And without me you are lost

Those who do have me govern the world
For I am power in a material form
So dance about to my tune
I am money and you are my slave

Work for me everyday
Slave away till your bones give out
Remember I am the only thing with power
And with me you too can control justice
So take my hand as puppet under my control
Made this to present how well money controls and governs our present society
Kayla Gallant Dec 2018
We are much too young
To worry this much
About life
All that we have to offer
We carry around
In a suitcase
The size of a plum
Yet we worry
We will never be
Good enough
For them
The Gods who control us
Puppeteers in balcony seats
We are just passengers
In this brief carasoul
Of a lifetime
This is a rough draft of a poem I am working on. I would love to hear some feedback so I can improve my work. Thank you lovelies xo
April Sep 2018
In circles convoluted still
We poor dumb puppets turn;
The wind, a thief
Of voices, screaming
That which once was ours-
A shrieking cry more animal
Than man.
Time itself is dancing on
The puppet master’s strings.
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