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silkstahr Oct 2017
Isn’t it all games and bets?
With my sweet little marionettes
Charmingly they fight my wars
Dancing to my twiddling force

Happily I watch them give in
To the daily new laws I spin
Dear puppets what choice do you have?
But to dodge from the president’s wrath

Thus I command you to fight
For what should be ours by right
Oil, gold, land and power I lust
Looting the weak must be shushed

To hell you say I should make my way
Blaming me for the wars we play
Remember it was me who was named
To comply the wishes our country claimed

Even you’ve got marionettes to your ease
Gladly abusing them as you please
Power and wealth society craves
It’s not just me who misbehaves

My successors will replace my place
Juggling with morals they will face
For the system was painted by society
And now it pains our humanity
silkstahr Sep 2017
I wonder, I wonder, how the future will stand
How can we live today when tomorrow is planned?
So much change has happened in these last decades
An endless army of inventions invades

The colors, the foods, how intense they became
Our senses are drowned by the social flame
Spurring lives in which we’re stumbling about
Trying to outrun time, yet time runs us out
silkstahr Sep 2017
The winds, the winds
How busy they were
Rushing through the port
Dancing with yachts everywhere

Excited for the journey
Did my sail stretch its way
“Ahoy, good people”
I’ll be gone today

Dear maps, dear compass
Which direction shall I sail?
Too many places I’ve lived
I wish I could find a destined trail

The place I belong
Where might it be?
Unsure to decide
The nation staying with me

Sailing the oceans
Helped me carry on
Living my life
On no-man’s-land I was drawn

Searching and searching
Bound to find
The frustration and anger
Forcing life behind

A voice within
Oh sailor let it be
Wherever you go
You’ll be merry

For only you
Will master your speech
Alone your beliefs
Being the anthem you’ll preach

The pulsing city
Your mind will be
The body will define
Your vast country

The charm of a sailor
Your culture will respect
Along the hoisted flag
With the nature you project

The high ruling judge
You are in your court
Living history reads
The knowledge you support

For the way you are
So is your realm
A world where you rule
And you’ll feel at home

So carry me waters
Where it pleases the winds
For at home I am
And a new journey begins

— The End —