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Mar 2018
Woke up to a full moon
Middle of the twilight
Why am I feeling so eerie
The light from the sun
Reflecting off the moon
Brightening the land
With it’s cool rays
Beaming off the same energy
Without the heat
Little things like that confuse me
They make me question
The perfection in our creation
The way the moon orbits
Our planet
We only see one face
the dark side
Is a mystery
Why this planet filled with misery
We read each other’s skin
Like a resume
They way they dress
The way they look
We are quick to assume
But we dont realize we are doomed
They pit us against each other
And like sheep we are hurded
we are toys played with by puppets
since we were young
we have been brainwashed
by the system
we learn from books
that get thinner every year
i see things everyday that make me question where i stay
But I got a ball and chain
Debt keeps holding on to me
I want to run away
But it weighs too much for me to move
Work everyday
Still can’t make ends meet
Modern day plantation
Through time some things stay the same
I wonder if there even is a way to stop them.
Written by
Azrapse  22/M/Cali
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