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Alone Jun 2019
dont understand.

i really dont; the idea proposing to me
how letters can mean so much

what do you take it as?

notes on a piece of paper to complain and belittle everything around you, i really just
dont understand.

i could only wish poetry could be so simple.
because the pattern is recitable, repeated.

i just
dont understand.
Alone Jul 2018
Only silence, nothing to fill this depressing void.
Funny is it not?

How emotions are nothing more than a marionette, to be thrown and tossed without a care.

You carved into me, made me feel safe and settled.
That you would only listen to my head, never my heart.
Care is what I gave you.

I was simply given in-return the gift of nothing
It whispered to me; Leave.

I couldn't, and wouldn't yet I felt the urge to leave
this nightmare I could never wake up from.

Alone Jul 2018
The sound of your voice, it lingers in my head; It feels a void of nothingness to come with sorrow.
        I can only imagine, a world without you.
                                  Reality is cruel, but I was even crueler.
                       I showed you the worst, and you gave me your best; I
            could only say
                                              “Thank You”
                           For showing me how to be happy
Alone Nov 2017
Magical Thinking   By Chris
                                                       We have scarcely begun to slowly
                                                                 Climb the pit of species
                                                               Let us not slide backwards into
                                                                   Just for nothing, just as we
                                                                Began to see the light.
                                                                      Do our benefactors really
                                                                                        know what’s
                                                                               Best for us? What kind
                                                                                             of rights
                                                                                  Can a person get to
                                                                                     Decisions for
                                                                                    Leaving our
                                                                                    questions and
                                                                       Anxieties underlying us.
                                                                                  Or people            
                                                             misusing instinct for using it to
                                                                  perceive threats instead of
Alone Nov 2017
Collaborate with Society, By Chris.
                  In the world of our benefactors or such, others calling
                        Others collaborators.  As if such a term were,
                            I ask you, what greater endeavor exists than
                                That of collaboration?
                            For example in our current unparalleled enterprise
                               Refusal to collaborate is simply a refusal to grow
                                Which some insistence on suicide if you will.
                                       Did the lungfish refuse to breathe air?
                                              It did not,  
                                    It crept forth boldly while its brethren
                                                            rema­ined in the
                                             Blackest ocean abyss.  
                                     With lidless eye forever staring at the dark.      
                                         Ignorant, is it not? Doomed despite their
                                                       internal vigilance.          
                                            ­ Would we model ourselves on the
                                        Would that mean all accomplishments of
                                         Could fade, nothing more than a layer of
                                          Plastic shards, thinly strewn across a fossil
                                     Bed, sandwiched between a burgess shell, and
                                              Eons worth of mud? In order to
                       Be true to our nature and our destiny, we must aspire
                            Greater things we have outgrown our cradle.
                    It is feudal to cry for mother’s milk when our true
                        Await us, Among the stars!  Therefore I say yes! I am
  a collaborator! We all must collaborate, willingly, eagerly, if we
                 expect to
              Reap the benefits of unification. And reap we shall!  Civic
       deeds do not go unrewarded,  and contrary wise complicity
                          with people's cause  will
      Not go unpunished. So please, be wise… Be safe, be aware.
              We have plunged humanity into free-fall...
Now, is the moment to redeem ourselves.

©  Chris .B 2017
If we do not Collaborate, Humanity will Collapse.

— The End —