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silkstahr Oct 2017
Isn’t it all games and bets?
With my sweet little marionettes
Charmingly they fight my wars
Dancing to my twiddling force

Happily I watch them give in
To the daily new laws I spin
Dear puppets what choice do you have?
But to dodge from the president’s wrath

Thus I command you to fight
For what should be ours by right
Oil, gold, land and power I lust
Looting the weak must be shushed

To hell you say I should make my way
Blaming me for the wars we play
Remember it was me who was named
To comply the wishes our country claimed

Even you’ve got marionettes to your ease
Gladly abusing them as you please
Power and wealth society craves
It’s not just me who misbehaves

My successors will replace my place
Juggling with morals they will face
For the system was painted by society
And now it pains our humanity
Serafeim Blazej Sep 2016
they were little princes
tied with ropes
suspended like marionettes
linked to the will of the sorcerer
they were birds with clipped wings
so they could not fly
never go back to home
Inspired by "Ribbon" and "Butterfly" of BEAST (korean group).

Edited on 28/12/17.
("ils étaient petits princes marionnettes")

— The End —