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  Mar 2018 Karan
She Writes
You are the pen to my paper
The muse to my art
Through my words
You will live forever
In the hearts of those
Whose eyes have gazed
Upon the work you inspired.
Karan Mar 2018
As a child, I walked on the swollen grass
Surfing my hand through whispering flowers
I fixed my dream to catch the rising sun
Afloat like a kite behind the mountain

My feet glide fast on the broken path
I pulse and I pulse and the day is hot
Yet my eyes shine with sparkling dreams
To get to the sun; To know what it means

Alas there's a time, when my feet lose the dark
My dream now stares straight down at me atlast
But when the day confines & evening comes
Sun sits on flowers, myself on mountains

Oh sweet Dreamcatcher, you were honey-trapped
Is such the worldly nature of things? I ask
Once and once I wanted to touch the sun
She said the night shall pass & the day shall come
I, means the reader who is the Dreamcatcher of his/her daily life sets a dream and spends each day trying to get it.
Karan Mar 2018
Her eyes sometimes looked red as sunset
Trying to hide the tears of late night fight
Caught between the walls of loving self or him
Alone is an enemy, melting down with whim

Should I say, yesterday, the moon was not full
He dialled her aroused and feeling the weak pull
At first, they danced in joy and spoke like butterflies
But the fight broke out when the disagreements were high

Oh the cacophony! that broke out in the silent sky
Their throats gave up and the air became dry
A minute before it was raining with abuse and curse
Pillows thrown at the stone deaf floor to make it worse

Don't you remember the warmth of the Redding rose?
You plucked out from my palm resting on my knee bent low
And the taste of the wine sipped by your lips behind your breath
Your deep rooted yes to my first love confess
Story of how fast love can die
  Nov 2017 Karan
A glimpse of you
in the shadow of light,
muddy soaked up leaves
becoming the road's delight.

The softened soil
reminds your touch,
your slow grip
soothing as such.

In the surrounding mist
my eyes search for you,
the heart beats love
dreaming of us
warm in this rain...
painting a lovely view.

The clouds bring to me
your love from far away,
all I feel and see,
your presence near me
*entire night and day !
Karan Mar 2016
So each day we trade our lives with time,
To learn new ways to spend them wise
And in return time turns our hair white,
And takes back that spark left in our eyes
Quotes from my Diary
Karan Feb 2016
Sometimes you tend to form a beautiful thought, overcook it, burn it and leave it alone! Instead, just do it!
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