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Megha Thakur Sep 2020
My life train is passing through,
Many stations.
I don't know what exactly but they have some kind,
Of temptation.
May be one of them is,
My destination.
Regarding my feelings I really have,
No explanations.
-Megha Thakur
Megha Thakur Aug 2020
मेरे पास छोड़ जाओ,
अपनी खुशबू, अपनी बाते।
उन्हें सम्भाल कर रखूंगी मैं,
चाहे दिन हो या हो रातें।
- मेघा ठाकुर
Megha Thakur Aug 2020
कभी चाहते थे,
तुम्हें ना खोना।

अभी चाहते हैं,
की काश तुम हमे कभी मिले ही ना होते।
-मेघा ठाकुर
Megha Thakur Aug 2020
For me, writing is
Expressing anything and everything in my own way....
With my heart and soul....
Without any manipulation....
Like the sun came up every morning with a new energy and his ray....
-Megha Thakur
Megha Thakur Aug 2020
How hard it is,
To find peace.
Simple, as much as,
Feeling the fresh breeze.
-Megha Thakur
Megha Thakur Aug 2020
Everybody has their own flaws,
And it makes them glow.
So stop judging yourself,
And just go with the flow.
-Megha Thakur
Megha Thakur Aug 2020
मन काग़ज़ की नाव,
जज़्बातों के समन्दर में बस बहें जा रहा है।
जो ये थम गया तो हैं डूब जाने का डर,
फिर भी ये आगे बढे जा रहा हैं।
-मेघा ठाकुर
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