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maybe you can fall down on the street
just because of the pebbles
but you can stand again
then jump, or find another street
kisses me
into an dream
his arms hold me
his body enters me
gentle he is over
he kisses me

Eroded on the Shore
Artistically patterned
Paving decorative Pathways

Quarried Stones
Lay Deep
The foundation of The Hallways
Poetic T Mar 2017
Well here I am, milestones had passed
yet not a granite one had levelled my
field of recognition. When I was just
moments into digits doubled, a mind
was vacant of contentment.

Was I motionless yet progressing to
nowhere, my emotions were alike to
a  cadaver rotting me on the inside.
Putrid anxiety chained with solitude,
voices of others, shadows clinging inwards.

A tomb of negativity had obscured my
needing of others. I was deaf in a room
of many whispers, mine screaming out
the loudest in need to be heard.
I was a ventriloquist scattering my voice away.

But even though in contained emotions,
I woefully expelled my moments on tiny
little pebbles, swallowing them to drown
out the living cradle of my imprisonment.
And I slept like death for an eternity.

Awoken by the morning verses of birds
rising to a new day, for me two had past.
A lifetime of slumber and I pondered my
reflection in the glass, twice was not the
charm, and pebbles dissolved into regrets.

Lingering in the empty shell of what drowned
within me. I looked in the mirror and saw
something strange? Myself, and I looked rough.
I took the blade to flesh and removed the
memory of the last static months stained on me.

Well that was vacant times and now my life is
fulfilled with the motions of love compassion,
A wife and children that expel any darkness
lingering beneath. And I smile, my granite footnote
is a while a way, today i just smile out the window..
Nayana Nair Jan 2017
I take each step forward

thinking about the steps you took without me.

My heart has faith

in the love that it felt

and it knows not how to give up.

But the pain of your indifference and neglect

hits the shore made of pebbles and shells

we collected all our life,

for the one we shall love.

But tonight, I am leaving this shore,

venturing into waters that I do not know of,

to feel what you feel.

So we may be united in hatred,

if not in love.
Noah A Baker Jan 2017
I got a pair of Starburys when I was ten.
Didn't want them,
I actually wanted some Heelys instead.
Wanted to be like my friends
and trip over pebbles
and get tucked into bed with band-aids.
My mom told me to stop focusing on their plates and look at mine.

I had a fork, spoon, and knives,
grown man portions: eyes the size of my stomach.
She was right --
I never liked training wheels, or cheat codes,
or elbow pads or nightlights.
Grown men aren't scared to fall,
so why am I?
Why am I twenty years old shopping on the Heelys website?
i spent weeks debating if i wanted to post this or not. sometimes our parents have the best intentions, and although we turn out okay, we're all bound to miss something.
Pax Dec 2016
Rock with double shadows
******* is hard to swallow
Sea of Pebbles in the sands of time
Roses hunt something that shines
Powders of snow shine in the dark
But it did not shine by just anyone
Alone, hidden in a sea of pebbles
------------Will you find it?-----------
Or it's just another thing lost
In the sands of time
© 2012 Pax
this was one of my older piece when i was starting to used imagery in my poetry. It was the First part of my Concrete poetry series, it was supposed to be a pebble shape, now im not sure(smiles). As i re-read it now and post it here, i realized something that i never thought of when i wrote it. I was writing it on a fantasy genre on mind, but now i know deep inside, even before, i am looking for someone who i can connect with, to share something with, to be with someone you can relax and trust upon... i become the rock who is lost in the sands of time, because the roses have gone away, or never got to find my shine.
Lady Bird Jun 2016
the road in front of you is a simple dirt road
in the the middle of nowhere; one step too far
one step beyond the point of no return.
the directions has lead you astray
one winding dirt road after another
you can’t seem to find your way
you're so rattled by where to turn next
at every corner there's another road to follow
only to end up where you begun
it feel as if there's no way out of this maze
no matter how many turns you take
the right turn is the one you want to make
your destination may be unknown
with so many directions to choose
take a minute to think as you continue
you might come across some obstetricals
things might get a little puzzling
there might even be rocks blocking your path
you might get confuserd but continue to walk on
kick each small pebble and toss them aside
don't let them stop your flow
life can sometimes keep us down
there will always be a dark cloud
we cant seem to get rid of but we have
to stay strong and try to blow it away
there is a piece of sunshine for everyone
you just have to keep on walking
a lone figure
on a solitary beach.
me, pebbles, water and I.
sometimes you just want to be alone. even Poetry cannot understand.
they lived at the edge of the sea,
they made music with pebbles
and shadows shifted,
slowly, badly calloused,
they picked their way through

          the throng
          ****** along
          pressed along

but they were not afraid
the wind billowed and raged
the sea churned violently
washing them, away it, hoped
but they remain rooted. mute

           the throng
           ****** along
           pressed along

silent statuettes, brave, unshaken
still alive by the edge of the sea
lights dance on the sea now, night
the glows, soldiers lost at sea
watching over them
scurry happily on the pebbles
***Inspired by deep personal tragedy***
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