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Poetic T Jul 2019
On the shoreline
           I throw pebbles,

skimming them on
                years this love will last.

The one for you didn't even

           make it to one.

Sinking beneath a falling wave.

I walked atop the cliff top,
       you smiled and asked...

"Did I sink or swim,

I replied, "can a bird fly without feathers?


                      It seemed like an eternity you flew,
but you had no feathers.

                I cried, as I put the note on the
                                          barbed wire fence...

She never knew how much I loved her,
but devotion is a fleeting moment..
         And she sank faster than any  rock

falling in the ocean.

And believe me I'd thrown a fair share of pebbles.
Poetic T May 2016
It scratched on the atmosphere like a pebble on silent water,
but when it sank beneath the surface it blossomed oblivion.
Everything became tears of bereavement as all was touched
By this rose from the heavens, everything smelt its aroma.

But like buds seeking sun lights gaze, all that arose from the
ashes only found granite ceilings above them, like a soup
of life now ascended not to heaven but a cauldron of tears.
Lightning kissed the earth tainted no longer pure but crimson.

Every time they fell there was no celebration clap to commend
its falling just the crackle of a tainted heavens kiss. some things
still stood, but like a dead oak just lingered in silence waiting
for that fated breeze to topple it and join everything else below.

When the rose fell and kissed the earth, so many smelt its petals
spreading out. but that was a lifetime ago there are still statues
of life's moment expelled, no one touches them out of respect.
Others think that their spirit is still trapped lingering inside.

In places that prepared for this coming, power is still gifted
the use of wind, as it rises each morning like a flower opening
to the morning. Walls capture its rising no way to ascend on mirrors
Of metal reflections, each rise in different places to feed on breath.

We delve in the deep places that sank, but even though covered in
ashes of later moments there is still many caverns of delight.
Old times past items handed down by word to trusted ones.
We go there in time of need as many are now decayed relics.

It scratched on the atmosphere like a pebble on silent water,
but when it sank beneath the surface it blossomed oblivion.
We are a shadow of what the world was but we are still here,
survival is our mission gone is the time of wanting and greed.
Tony Luxton Mar 2016
Grandad did you used to skim stones
off the pond? Yes the very same one.
We had a champion. His
went right across the other bank.

In life, he hit a log and sank.
Eric nestled in the tall grass.
James made waves and moved on, but Tom
reached the other side and slowly dried.

And Grandad, what about you? Well,
I'm still here aren't I, hoping to
be skimming stones with you, til your
son comes along and I dry up too.

— The End —