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Natalie Apr 13
when the tears come at night
and my entire body shakes, as each piece of my being
falls deeper into the dark pit
i know i am living for no one at all
Natalie Apr 13
in my youth
i would sprint up
the 16 stairs from my basement
the only light switch at the bottom
and in the dark, I  forced my way to the top
my feet fast as lightning
so the monsters lurking in the dark
wouldn't catch me;  they couldn't take my soul

but then I  got older
and the 16 stairs in the basement
didn't seem as daunting
i don't run up the stairs anymore
because i don't fear the monsters

a small piece of me
hopes that perhaps if i go up the stairs too slowly
they will catch me
and take my soul, envelop me in the darkness
i know they cannot pull me any further down the hole of darkness
that i dug in my brain
Natalie Feb 2019
it's funny isn't it?
you think that i don't know
but i do

i know it all
all the times i played the fool for you
you never see my point of view

can't believe you could be this careless
with tears falling on my phone screen
my finger slipped
and hit the 1
qu1t 1ying

you promised
but a promise is only a word
i guess i was stupid

but guess what?
i am not that foolish
i know when you're lying
qu1t 1ying
Natalie Dec 2018
The route feels so familiar
so sure
so confident
and yet
i'm not prepared

Like walking through a maze backward
i know the route
i've gone the distance already
and yet
one wrong turn
and it's all over

i feel like i haven't met you yet
and i already let
you in
i already let you know

i'm a fool
only for you

i'm sorry
i'm a lot of things

like walking through a maze backward
i'm anticipating the turns,
i'm anticipating the end
sometimes you know the way things will end, and you know the turns, but that doesn't stop you from doing it anyway
Natalie Jul 2018
7:30 am
feet hit the ground
the millisecond the alarm goes off
water instead of coffee
granola bar
tank top
pony tail
9:30 am
a cold shower has never felt better
on the road to recovery
"nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels"
acai bowl? salad? pizza?
you can't break the diet
this is hard
maybe i'm okay with being chubby?
smells so bad
i can't eat this
and there's no other food in the house
i don't want to go out
hi, i'd like one large
cheese pizza
extra cheese
nothing­ may taste as good as being skinny feels
but i guess we'll never know
f­eet hit the floor before the alarm even goes off
Natalie Jul 2018
we are all versions of our favorite people

traits or quirks
from people we like
and repurpose them for ourselves


we are all copies of each other
because when it comes down to it
what really separates us from one another?
what makes you better than me?

we are all copies of each other
we are all based off the same principal
we want to love

shouldn't prevent each other from finding these things
should embrace and accept our differences
and to those who don't approve of a lifestyle
fake it till you make it


don't prevent people from finding happiness
people to find a light

someday you'll find yours too
Natalie Jun 2018
one day you asked me to write a song
just for you and me
and gladly i did
in secrets the song hid
for it was only for you and me

we sang the song everyday
even in a one horse open sleigh
until the song got old
and every lyric was sold
and you asked me to write a new song

you asked me to rhyme with laura  
and i asked why
and you said my songs were so beautiful
you wanted to share one with your mother

so i wrote a song about laura
how she is as sweet as flora
and as i walking through the park
as it was about to get dark
and i heard the song about laura

and i looked to see if i'd be seeing you serenade your mother
but no, instead
a red head
was laying by your side
listening to the sweet melodies of my song

i decided to join in
to celebrate this girl who replaced me
and you were shocked
and said it's not
what you think it is

i didn't want to hear it
i didn't want to see
her lips touch yours
the photos of us were shoved into drawers

and to this day i think of your song
what joy it brought me
but it was replaced
with sin and disgrace

no more will i sing the song
because all along it didn't belong to me
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