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Igor Goldkind Mar 2019
Paper Bag

I am a paper bag, I am.
I’m not the smart one,
I’m not the successful one
I’m not the tall one who always won and 
Then died. 
I am a paper bag.
I’m only as good as what I can carry.

I am a paper bag, 
I’m not plastic, not I.
I am paper: rough, brown and thin
I’m not waterproof, you know.
And I can’t hold any liquids or gases within.
I only have room for the stuff that matters.
I’m a paper bag.
I’m only as good as what I can carry.

I am a paper bag.
Wrinkled and used and often abused
Thrown on the floor.
Buried deep inside your drawers.
I am a paper bag. 
That sometimes falls apart
I’m only as good as what I can carry.

©IgorGoldkind 2018
First published on the cover of the San Diego Free Press for Poetry Month, 2018
Igor Goldkind Mar 2019
Thoughts are merely pebbles
Being gently washed by a passing stream.

You are the stream.

Thoughts are merely pebbles on a beach
Being gently rounded by crashing waves.

You are the waves.

Thoughts are merely pebbles in the sand.
Being gently worn away by the passing wind.

You are the wind
My words escape on.

Words are merely thoughts
Being gently read by a passing eye.

Yours are the eyes
That can read my thoughts.
Originally, this was a 3 line Haiku or Faux-ku.
But each time I read the first 3 lines to an audience, someone would always ask me to read it again so that they could hear the idea a second time.    So I decided to repeat and expand upon the initial 3 lines.

Read the first 3 lines by themselves and if it doesn't make sense, keep reading.
Igor Goldkind Mar 2019
I'm a good catch.

I can see the thin edge where your tire hits the road.
I can see the stone that you just threw,  
Skip halfway across the world

This world slipping  past your fingertips.
I can hear your ears listening to the wind
I can see your eyes greeting the world
I can see your intent summon its consequence
I can see this in you because I can see this in me.
You are the sender, and what you send.
I am just reflection;
An open-palmed receiver of your gifts.
But I'm a good catch.
I can catch a falling girl, faster than a falling star.
For Jackie Lopez
Igor Goldkind Mar 2019
I didn’t get her name.
It was a hot and wet Saturday night;
So I left the screen door wide open
Hoping for some kind of change in the weather.
She strolled in like the queen of Sheba riding the night’s breeze,

Her inspection was clearly on schedule.
She let me imagine that it was my company that she was after.
By earnestly engaging my eyes with her face
Which she put close to mine and stared into my eyes
As if she were the last soul left on earth who still loved me.
All the while she scanned the kitchen floor 
Out of the corner of her sharp feline eye,
Having assessed my modest, meagre means
She walks straight back out the door she had walked in.
Leaving me  staring at the empty space she had deliberately left behind.
Igor Goldkind Mar 2019
Like a firefly fluttering in the twin palms of my hands,
just let me hold on to your light,
for the rest of the night  
and I’ll be alright.
Igor Goldkind Mar 2019
Kali swirls her flaming dress,
Eyes flashing, she cracks open the sky above your head.
Kali beckons and seduces, then pulls you in,
Before devouring your mind.
With her insatiable, irresistible desire.
Igor Goldkind Mar 2019
An aesthetic is a polished stone of truth.
Where beauty shines its insight
Onto a multitude of reflective curves and planes.

Small wonder the world smiles upon the couplet
Who have shifted the surfaces they slipped from.
Orpheus and Eurydice reunited:

Having finally tripped out of the cave and into the sun.
Their outward smiles shining with the inner joy of a sight regained:
Love is the greatest beauty of them all.
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