yesterday I asked the sky, why is it cloudy?
again, this morning I'm still wondering why the sky is overcast
I ran to the river
then sat stunned
leaves dropped away in the wind
memory flows with the river in front of the eyes
I ask again, will tomorrow still cloudy?
when the wind can not be touched
but can be felt
indeed he is giving an unseen but meaningful bliss
by letting myself to dream
I know, I have to do something
dark is absolutely needed
because it contributes to show light
a pile of hope mingling with me
I've exceeded one dream
let me paint another dream
to feel the color
I want them to feel it too
happy is waiting in its zone
sweat effort certainly exist
everything is not as easy as we wink
the wounds .. sometimes we have to let it
to know how long we last
and how strong we are
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