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14Between Dec 2020
I see in her eyes a reflection of my life, our life intertwined.

We are so much a part of each other...

Please don't feel the pain I felt...
I feel.

We are mirrors facing each other, the depth is immeasurable.

Which way to turn? If one shatters, does the other shatter too?

I will face you with strength so that my reflection will give you the power to be wise, aware, and beautiful.  Your spirit will be full of love and hope - and through your reflection back at me...

I will healed.
I wrote this when my daughter was very young, while struggling as a single parent.  Experiencing trials and tribulations as a young mother afraid that my pain would pass from me to her.
kj Oct 2020
Here we are
Like always
Dog yelping
in the other room

I try to explain to you
My pain is like yours
Just fragmented
Amongst your own ghost

Don’t you see it?

The bruises of whiskey
The long sighs of relief
When you come home clean



Isn’t that a funny word?

I wait so long to hear it.
And then you whisper -
The essence of it.
It floats within me
For a fragment of time
Even if
I admit
It’s now on its’ ninth life,

Each time I beg
That your life
Still has truth

And then it goes out

The meaning of it all
And you laugh
Because isn’t joy
Just the ignorance of pain?

I’m crying
There’s tears in the living room now
And on the sofa where you spoke your first sound

I’m trying
To contain the little of my remains
But how do you die when you’re still living?

You look at me now
Those same eyes I saw
When you were four

Four and trying to show me
How your spaceship made of sand
Will take us far -
Take us to the moon
Take us there
And back

I’m standing in your room
And I’m trying
To figure out how I got us here
To figure out how to get us back
Do bottle tops shimmer like sand?
JCabanilla Jun 2020
You're not in heaven
My wish every eleven. (11:00)
Will always in vain.
The protagonist doesn't believe that her mom is already in heaven because every little piece of her wish doesn't come true all he/she ever wanted was her mom to be back or to see her one last time.
Fateha Ferdousy Feb 2020
Once u were jealous
reading the pages
of my handy book
"Oh there's nothing about me"
with a sad face
but dear my silly sweatheart
how will u understand,
U stay in the deepth
of my heart .
A house on the green land
A castle of peace
we will be together,
And a endless sleep on ur chubby lap
With Warm And peace❤
Eliza Prasai Mar 2019
Indeed, it is lifeless
But it gives life to her hopes.
It is a witness;
Witness of her all time pains.
It is her friend whom
She shares her thoughts with.
She looks into a distance
Upto the place her eyes can see,
Tears flow down vigourously.
Yet, hope remains deep down the heart.
It shines;
Along with it shine her faiths,
Her faiths would have died a long ago
If it did not exist.
She gazes into its light,
It says to her,"your wait is not wasted."
She strengthens...
She grows stronger with the words.
When everything faded away,
When darkness covered the dawn of life,
When there was shadow all over,
It had helped her fight;
Fight with the pessimism of life.
To the rest of the world,
It was just a piece of mud.
But to her,
It was 'THE DIYO'
Her courage, her belief and her faith
Whose never ending light
Would provide her
A reason to fight and survive.
Diyo is a small lamp in Nepal which is associated with worships, prayers and optimism.
for those whose mothers are no more
the annual business hype of what to give
    and where to take your mother
is but  a sad remembrance of loss
stirring up memories of happier times
when she was still a pillar in your universe
loved and revered, and sometimes feared,
who taught you, patiently or not,  
the basics of survival in your expanding world.

She knew, while you were as yet unaware  
that all her loving preparations
would over time mean separation.

When you struck out to shape your life
all by yourself and left her with her fears for you,
her wishes,  and the hopes that what she tried
to give you was enough and right,
your heart and mind were elsewhere,  far away,
focused upon the future of your independent life.

Your years run fast and busy, and suddenly one day
you stand before her coffin
and discover that it is too late
for all the questions never asked.

What you have left are memories
and a vague sense of having missed the chance
to see - and maybe even understand a little -
the woman she has also been
throughout her life, behind her loving face
of a dear mother’s care and grace.
The upcoming Mother’s Day triggered these lines and made me remember the time when my mother was alive.
Sabila Siddiqui Feb 2018
Selfless love
pours out like a waterfall
from her loving and caring heart
nurturing all who would drink from it.

Courage seeps from every inch of her muscle
protecting and guarding
For she is our guardian angel.

Her heart beats at a different frequency
But resonates with each one of ours
Embracing and harmonizing
creating a beautiful symphony.

Like a sunshine
she refuses to eclipse
radiating positivity and happiness
To the deepest, darkest of corners.

Encouraging, rearing and believing
pushing and advising
she gave and gave
planting flowers in our gardens
helping us bloom
and bringing the best versions of ourselves forth.

Unconditional and pure is her love
Patient is her soul
She is our mother
And a very happy birthday to her!
I was 14 years old when I learned resilience
My mom was sitting in the garage,
I can't see her eyes in the dark.
"It's okay to crumble at night, young lady.
But make **** sure you snap it all back together in the morning."

I was 19 and heartbroken for the first time.
My mother lighted my cigarette.
"The next time someone told you they love you just because you're pretty, show them your darkness and tell them to go **** themselves."

I was 23 and wondering if I'm worth it.
My mom showed me a baby picture of me.
"Your Papa wasn't there when you we're born,
I was in that ******* labor room and I was alone.
and that's when I know that I don't need any man to feel powerful."
Nida Mahmoed May 2017
Mothers are the cool shade in life,
Mothers are the only light in darkness,
Mothers are the blossom of spring,
Mothers are the ways of heaven,
Without a mother, would be no us,
Without a mother, we would be lost,
Mother’s are the cool shade in life,
Mother’s are the joy,
And peace in life!

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Prathipa Nair May 2017
Magnitude in heart
Obliging warmth
Teaching good
Healing pains
Endless concern
Radiant woman

She is **MOTHER
No pure love  like  Mother's Love !
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