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Even when I'm lost,
I come back here,
to these pages,

I tell them about you; my love,
about me; my lust,
write down my thoughts; my loss,

so even when I'm gone,
you can always,
find me in these pages,

hear my cries; my tears,
share my lies; my fears,
feel my love; my dear.
I live through my poetry.
Ann P Mar 2018
They said
it was 'First Love'
the best feeling
I've experienced throughout
this mortal world

Being loved
by the guy I loved
It felt too good to be true
Cloud 9
was all I felt

I was clueless
whether the love was real or not
whether he faked it or not

But if he did
he was one of hella fine actors
Moeshfiekah Feb 2018
Her bittersweet soul yearns for nothing more than her other half. And her heavy heart is cradled in the hands of her sweet lover that is hypnotized by blinded betrayal on the page with many versions . But let not moving pictures speak for only her tongue could tell her how much she still feels for her.
Every poem has it's own meaning to many . She is a concept I use often mostly revolving my sweet soul mate. One I may not even have anymore. I messed that up. But here I am still in love. But we're human . We all fall in love . The denial stage hits us hard. But the capability is extraordinary.
Elena Ramos Jan 2016
My whole world is bad.
Besides black I see dark.
Between life I see desilution.
Not knowing who am I.
I feel sad and mad.
Mad because I lost myself.
Sadly alive for my reality.
Discovering who you are is not fun.
Im madly sad.
Never lost before.
For the first time I want to die because I'm not ready to cry.
There are ghosts inside my head.
So heavy to fight.
I cant see more than myself blocked by someone else.

Please set me free

— The End —