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I gazed up at the sky, and I remember you
Memories of us linger in the breeze as they blew
I still recognize your smile; it was a majestic view
Reminiscing our past gives me blue
Ages have passed, oh how I miss you
But all I could do to bid my love for you adieu.
This is for everyone who misses someone dearly.
If I give you my book
with all these ripped pages would you risk to read
all of its bittersweet phases?
Would you stay to scribble in the remaining pages?
would you take the time to understand each chapter?
Would you stay and read these worn-out pages?
You outshine the gloom whenever you smile
Little ball of sunshine I hope you're mine.
I hope you keep your genuine smile.
AMBRIEL Oct 2019
I can’t promise you much
But I promise I’ll stay
I’ll hold your hands
And make you smile
I’ll hug you tight
And kiss you good night
With all this feeling I have inside
I’ll pour to you all my love
Until all the stardust fly
And all the atoms in me collide
You will be the last love of my life.
make them feel the love you have while it still last
AMBRIEL Oct 2019
such a sunshine in a gloomy weather
a sparkle of hope in the midst of pain
and a light during a stormy night.

Such a beautiful being
with heart as pure as gold
with soul that screams hope .

This being said hi to my life
drawed a masterpiece
that i once loved.

A being that showed me the galaxy
and made me love the asteroids on it
made me smile because of the stars.

Beautiful being such a talented one
he molded my heart to love him so hard '
he makes me float in a galaxy of gold.

Beautiful being thank you for letting me smile
for being a part of my life
now i have to bid my goodbye.
sometimes you need to say goodbye to the person you really love.
AMBRIEL Oct 2019
I take a deep breath and released all my feelings away.
Removing all the love that I have for you and changing it into something new.

Putting all our memories inside a old rusty box with chains.
So one day I'll open it again and remember that we are once one.

Getting the key of the door in my pocket so I could now go out of your life.

Walking out in your life with a bittersweet smile and tears in my eyes.

As I walk away I still thank God for letting me meet you and be a part of my life.

Looking at the stars where we all started to bind our so called love
And smile because they align just like how our life starts to align now.

Looking at the sky as the sun is saying bye just like how I bid my last goodbye.

It was a pleasure to be a part of your life, now I have to let you go.
Go back to your rightful partner and spend the rest of your life with her.

Be happy and smile bright because you're back in your home.
Be positive enough because you found your positivity.

Be grateful of second chances because you had the second chance to be with her.

Now it's my time to bid goodbye, bye to our love but let the friendship remain.
AMBRIEL Oct 2019
looking in the old dusty mirror
whipping all the dust out
seeing my reflection
with scars tattooed on me.

staring at the old mirror
tears running down my cheeks
tracing my scars
remembering all the bad memories.

looking at the old mirror
seeing all the scars and burns
making me want to break my flection away
wanting to run and hide from the pain
old rusty mirror can you hide who i am?
past haunts me
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