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Raven Feels Apr 19
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, funny how a book can be translated by everyone's Mercury differently--edited;}

on a beauty so mystical on a plastered smile an essence so beam

yet not everlasting not in a bare nor a second tormenting blurt

such stars she begged them Gods for she tormented in a skeptic hurt

she trails her menaces to **** in a drip

of a bordeaux in a wine in a mindless sip

yearning erased letters from people from faces

a charm of a devil monster selfished her feels down her laces

a bound to the intimate

flushed upon the ultimate

of the hate of the ends

an evermore of upcoming pained centuries

moments the gods abide to hide to conceal

from human memory to blank and come across a past life to steal

then to the unconscious to plant on dreams and make souls heal

speechless left

one on the fictional

two on the cure in the weeks my delusional

believed seven constellated freckles pure by the character been held

mooned self-expressionism in sick mind delves I label mine

forever fallen saint on the line

Piyush Sharma Aug 2020
Taking a moment to feel myself,
Tired making them happy in their shelves,
Now that when the soul doesn't know itself,
Searching my smile, my heart delves.
Lost somewhere deep inside.

— The End —