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Hey Sean,
You've been silent too long,
finding yourself in songs,
you want to cope with THC,
why couldn't you just believe in me?
you've been through a lot,
some would say too much,
I'd say not enough.

I reply,
Well God's taught me an awful lot,
so tell me why I feel awful a lot,
I've been blessed with too much,
so tell me why it's never enough,
I've tried being sober,
but why do I still wake up feeling hungover,
I'm happy, we're happy,
I don't need drugs or therapy,
so why does she always take care of me,
I only cry when she's there to see,
I wanna die but lord knows what that even means,
I feel helpless and confused,
but only a ***** know what a ***** gotta do.

Your parents taught you how to be grateful,
and your self-hate is simply distasteful,
you're proud but don't know your own worth,
you preach but don't read your own words,
your potential is limitless,
yet everyone knows but you,
why can't you focus,
focus on your health,
and ask for the help you need.
Coming back
Sometimes we heal,
How does one know,
If they're ok again,
Or it's a scar,
waiting to reopen,
unhealthy addictions,
I'm waiting to relapse,
Disasters in waiting,
So I numb the pain,
with substance,
One of the worst lies ever told,
this alcohol isn't clean.
I'm back. I'm sad and I'm stressed
love was made for two,
but not us two tonight
I take a moment
To thank
the authors authors of my soul
As everyone we meet,
Contributes at least a word,
Others have chapters
And some our main characters
In the story
That is my life
Only our mothers
Only my mother
Has been a part of my story
From the prologue
To the penultimate full stop
For that I thank her
For my story would be forever be incomplete
Without my mother’s love.
The rainy night
The sun light
When I close my eyes
The feeling of longing
As I wonder if you dream of me too
Tell me why
When I’m drunk
And alone
Your name keeps me grounded
I came to the realization
Shocking as may be
I’m not a kid anymore
Despite how it may seem
The rain comforts me
And Santa’s but a dream
The tooth fairy’s retired
And so is my innocence.
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