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Lantern through the mist,
lets me see the man at the foot of the bridge,
little to no effort to stop me,
for all who cross,
know the danger,
the price,
or simply have no choice,
under the lantern,
I stand next to the man,
who reeks of sad retribution,
and speaks of imprisoning freedom,
I take a step forward,
forward with no conviction,
so I go back,
with newfound respect,
fear and envy,
for those who crossed before me.
Wrote this poem after a suicide attempt and realized that I actually wanted to live. Sometimes just wait a little while, a little longer.
We all yearn for talent,
but the burden of potential is great,
the expectations of those around you,
can take you higher,
or drag you down,
so far that doubt takes over,
a beautifully cruel mistress,
poisoning you,
but it is the expectation you have,
of yourself,
that is fatal,
in my case,
if I don't make it,
I choose to die.
Expectations are my biggest enemy tbh
If death is what you desire,
I'd happily grant that wish,
a multitude of tools I could list,
noose, knife or fire,
You could have your pick.

If you have the conviction,
tired of your earthly woes,
let go of all your worldly holds,
I must ask
If there's truly no convincing,
why do you still wish for someone to hold?
I felt no longer,
cried out no more,
I hide my cuts from the world
I bleed internally.
The cuts got deeper
I pushed it myself
I hide them from myself
there are no scars
for my wounds never healed
I bleed eternally.
Sorry if you can relate
I've Burned
I've Drowned
I've fallen to a place
where there's no sound,
no light,
explored the ruins of my loves,
leading me to wallow in the darkness of regret.
What if we met again,
faceless and nameless,
strangers to everything but our words,
would you look at me the same way,
with the same eyes,
would we find ourselves again
would we love,
once more.
Or would we be too far to reach
Went for a walk with the love of my life,
of all the wasted time,
we laugh but eventually cry,
what it's really like,
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