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Diana Aug 13
And so in the years to come
The prince and the maiden become one
And though he misses his family
He and the maiden live joyfully

How far they’ve come from the prince of the seas
And the maiden who sails with the breeze
How far they’ve grown through the years
Through pain and joy and laughter and tears

The story all started back when the prince saves
The maiden who fell beneath the waves
And in the future days hereafter
The prince and the maiden live happily ever after
Diana Aug 13
So early that day, before the rising morn
The prince kneels at the water, sad and forlorn
And his brothers rise with a solution
That to save him there must be an execution

So they hand him a knife, sheen and bare
Traded for their golden hair
And tell him this **** he must complete
And let the maiden’s blood drip at his feet

Only this way could he enter the sea
But the prince knows he cannot agree
For it is not the maiden’s faught
That it is the wrong man she sought

And so the angels of the sky
Hearing his sad, lovesick reply
Seek to show the maiden the wrong obverse
And fly down from heaven to break his mute curse

And so finally he could speak again
And he sprints to the wedding glen
His voice calling to the maiden’s ears
And hearing it, she cries joyful tears

And as their words of love are spoken
The last part of the spell is broken
So that they will forever live on land
The prince and the maiden, hand in hand
Diana Aug 12
And so the prince swims to land
And embraces the chilling spell at hand
His tail disappears, and is replaced by two
Human legs, both soft and new

Wobbling a bit, he slowly stands
And brushes away the water stained sands
And there he awaits, hopefully
The maiden who fell into the sea

When she comes, she comes gracefully
And he kneels before the shine of she
The maiden, her heart kind and bestowed
Welcomes the prince to her humble abode

And the next few months they go to and fro
And through this time the prince knows
Should the marriage of the maiden to another resolve
The dawn of the next day, the prince will dissolve

The maiden didn’t mind that the prince was mute
For it wasn’t his voice that’s his impute
But what a pity, for all the maiden knows
Is his beautiful voice singing his woes

On the day the prince will declare his love
The maiden tells him then thereof
That there is only one who her heart is for
And it’s the fisher who she believes saved her

And so the maiden, in kindness and laughter
Finds the man and declares her love after
Their wedding will happen at that midnight
To celebrate dawn’s coming light
Liz Rossi Mar 24
last night the wolves came.

there are plum bruises across the sky
and mountains burnt white with faded sun and there’s a path seared sharp into the pines that brightens as the sky dims.

there’s a nameless man beneath the gallows
squatting like a carrion-bird at a ****. a
smile splits his face like a wound
there’s blood like spilled wine, great grinning
pools of it, and the snows are thirsty to drink

and there’s a woman with a story like a knife
and nothing to lose, and she sharpens her words and follows the fraying path into the woods.

the wolves come.

they always do.
Dean Russell May 2018
If ancient Gods’ gaze upon me with judgement,
Judge evenly.
Judge not your errors,
Witness your loose fingers carving
Misery one whisper at a time.
Observe male and male actions of
Understanding; where does this burden carry you?

If tyranny is the call of man
The conscious invisibility murdered your perfection.
Call man a beast and watch beasts roam the earth.
To whom do you call in distress?
Darlings gone rogue,
Or was this foretold?
I cannot call upon you; I never have.

Call this a confession of poisoned sin:
In acquaintance, love and kin
I cannot trace your value.
So call onto me, oh merciful monster,
All the injustices of the world for us to fix.
For all we mortals can really do is understand,

Forgive and carry on with the great burden
Of self-destruction and
Inflicted preservation.
The water is icy cold
As I press the sharp blade--
A dagger given to **** a curse,
And to take my love for you.
The thought bites,
So does the silver,
Burying itself into flesh.

How could I do this?
How could they ask me?
Why would I **** my true love?

The ones that gave me this burden
Were more like me than you could ever be.
After the deed is done,
When you look down on me,
Will you see me for what I've done?
I can't bear the thought.

I say my last farewells,
Bubbles and a kiss to the night air,
Then I step willingly through the door.
Better I go than
Destroy your future.

You look up one last time
Before the curse shatters my
Bleeding heart.
Plangent Definition: A low resounding noise, like surf.

— The End —