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ChildofGodyay Sep 2018
Stuck between spaces and memories,
my butterfly flies.
Wings of time.

no not one place where the butterfly flies to rhymes.
No sentences, no books written.

Messing up memory lanes, folding them up like crumpled paper.
The creases distorting signal lines,
and I couldn't seem to recognise the times.

Scribbled lines, blinding my sight.
my butterfly flies through my mind, my memory fading, lights dimming, house lights flicker.

fire still burning.
no longer in a pod.
Just living for God.

if i remember anything else.
only you God.
i want to remember.
i wanna be Christ-like
Sam Kelly Jun 2018
I'm a little high now baby
I'm a little

Flash me that smile and
Take me to bed
i never want to kiss the moon
even when i am falling in love with it
that light,
making me fall more deep
it is so far than i thought before
even we can not touch each other
can you see me from your height?
no, you can't recognise me
even you can't say hello to me
but I can see you
because you are the one
pk tunuri Mar 2018
The choices you make, will lead your path
Neither gods nor ghosts
Neither parents nor teachers
Neither friends nor enemies
Neither love nor hatred

The choices you make, will lead your path
You will have no clue
No matter how much you knew

The choices you make, will lead your path
You are the only one to decide
Though there'll be very few to guide

The choices you make, will lead your path
Ever felt like it's your FATE? Well, you call it Fate, I call it as the CHOICE. You are, what you choose to become. Don't blame anyone for your choice.The choices you make, will lead your path.
Somebody's Me Oct 2017
It's been a week when he decided to surprise me with his goodbye...
It was 7 in the morning.. I didn't expect to wake up feeling lost.. not able to utter a word.

He asked me to just find someone else like I'm someone who he can just give to anyone..

The reason for ending the relationship was because he will be moving far... and he said that is the only way he sees to save us both from the hurt that the distance would cause.. he said if he happens to cameback next year and we're still both single we might get back together..

He doesn't want me to wait.. but I'm more than willing to wait for him... idk until how long I can wait, but I'm more than willing..

I just wanted to post this... I would probably be doing posts about him.. until when I can't wait for him any longer.. or if I'm blessed enough I will continue until he comes back in my arms..
Julia Mae Jan 2017
"there will be so many others"
but i have already found you
the idea of others is dead to me -
why would i so easily
give up on a life
which i want with mine for eternity?
Julia Mae Jan 2017
it may have been so crass of me
but i decided that no one who is not you
wasn't worth my time
i have no time for others to spend
you are my only one until the end
Erin Nicole Sep 2016
You give me chills.
You make my heart beat faster at the touch.
You make me feel safe
You make me feel loved
The thought of losing you scares me
Every dream I have of you, I smile in my deep slumber, thoughts of you running through my mind.
I thought I knew love but you have proved me wrong.
I love you with all my life, heart, and soul.
You're mine. I am yours.
I'd die for you
I miss you..
Tara Marie Jul 2016
A cool wind touching crevices
of your face, escaping
hot air and dodging quickly
as to not be caught by sun.

Your eyes gleaming deeper
than ocean waters
disguising life below them as thick,

White birds sink deep into sunsets,
seen from different windows,
all whispering the same words..
look at me and feel beauty

I can picture your hands,
cleaned, but stain imprinted
placed softly on my skin,
alone, with waves crashing.

Time is no constant.
There's only light and it's absence.
Your smile never fades away.
No envelopes with red writing.

I can hardly feel the fabric
worn loosely on my skin.
There's scattered sand upon it,
on sun-soaked salty bodies.

We're happily pacing
a shore of endless shells
laughing about stories
of work and other chores.

I want no one other
than your green eyes, blinding
to take me there, love me bare,
a shore with just our footsteps.
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