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I'm tired of belonging to temporary people.

I'm tired of getting attached, then left like trash.

I'm tired of being the only one who cares.

I'm tired of watching happy couple videos and think to myself if I ever deserve to have something like that.

Will there ever be a love that is made solely for you & me?

When will you come?
I've been dying to meet you!
Somebody's Me Mar 14
I'm tired of this place.

The people.
The faces.
The feelings.

I need a breather.
I was browsing through my emails and stumbled upon a drafted letter from 2018.
It was for YOU.

I reread it.. thou I dont feel anything now, I still remember how I felt at that moment while I was writing that letter.
The emotions  I had with each and every word written.

I wonder why I didn't send it.
Maybe it was meant to be left unsaid rather than make things complicated.

I hope you're happy, this is my sincere wish for you. And as for me, I'm slowly getting where I wanna be.
Somebody's Me Sep 2019
What if I'm beautiful?
Like really, really beautiful?
Like drop-dead gorgeous kind of beautiful?

Will I be different? I mean the inner me?
Will I like the inner me?
Somebody's Me Sep 2019
I miss the way we kiss..
the way you kiss me..
just the way your lips feel..
and ur touch..
god your touch..
why they can't be mine?
Somebody's Me Sep 2019
"How long are you gonna be there for me?"
She asked.
"For as long as you'll need me"
he answered.

"What if I'll need you forever?"
She asked again

Somebody's Me Aug 2019
I keep giving myself away to people.
I cherish these people.
I love them.

But unfortunately for me,
I always end up getting hurt.
And they leave me as soon as I'm useless to them.
But I still love them.

It ******* hurts.. but...
2nd heartbreak..
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