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Dayda Jun 2020
I'm sorry
I take for granted that you will understand
That you will feel what I feel
How I'm feeling so sad and disappointed inside

I'm sorry
I forgot that you are not an adult
That you are still a tiny little boy
How I should not burden your small shoulders with my worries

I'm sorry
I must remind myself that I'm the parent
That you are merely a child, my child
How I should be the one looking after all

I'm sorry sugarbum
I really am
Sometimes I forgot that you are just a child. Silly me.
Dayda Jun 2020
You make me want to write
My most inner thoughts
May they are vulnerable and raw
You make me want to feel them all

I look at you and I see innocence
One I wish I can protect with all my might
One I wish will last forever and a day
One I wish shall remain pure as ever

You filled me up with your candid love
Your cheeky grins and contagious laugh
You make me feel I'm on top of the world
Your love so grand, I am so shy and honoured

You are my love, my favourite person
Your little self ain't so little no more
You are my reason to work endlessly hard
Your entire being I won't let be full of woes

I love you lil lion of mine
Dedicated to my own version of Aslan. You surpass the original Aslan with your kindness and love.
Dayda Jun 2020
I can hear him through the walls
Hear him run here and there
He is playing by himself
Lost in his own personal space

Sometimes he will shout out loud
Or he will have imaginary scenarios
Most of the time he is a superhero
Going around saving innocent lives

Yet when I enter the room
He will stop and look at me
I will then feel his tiny arms around me
His love forever engulfing me

Even when you're old like me
Even when you have your own family
Even when you're busy as a bee
You, my darling, will always be my baby

I love you, son. You are my Aslan in the kingdom of Narnia. Always and always. Eternally.
The life of a boy with his mom.
Tu Anh May 2020
Have you ever wondered
About the youth of your parents
How do they look like
How have they been brought up
How did they meet
How did they fall in love?
How did they make us?

I had these questions with me since i grow up
Probably because my parents aren't that open up
Probably because they were so busy raising us up
Probably because its an Asian thing i assumed privacy as such.
So somehow, to me, parents’ life before us were so blurry and doesn't seem to ever existed
Not until the day i had my mom on the back of the scooter
As we rode to the temple where we store the leftover of our beloved dad

She told me about their past
A young guy in his teenager days
Lay eyes on her as they met on a communal working day
He asked for her hand before summoned military service
Not directly to her but through a relative
She forgot him as soon as she left for college
Busy chasing her love life, never heard from him in thousand days, he was too far away.

When the war over, he returned home, she was working in a distant village
He refused my grandpa’s arrangement, went on a journey to seek
For his first and only girl he ever fallen in love with
He found mom after her 5 or 6 failure romances.
They started distant relationship for a while before getting married.
She continued working in the faraway village and he returned to military service
To serve in another “nonsense war” (this is my words)

And honestly i still cant imagine how did they make us
‘Cause i never seen them holding hands, showing affection in front of us
But its real - they do fall in love
They do have their heyday before us

And even though i never seen them talking about love
I now realized its just a different way of showing how they love
By fighting; yet, taking care of each other for better or worse
By sometimes hurting each other...
But at the end of the day, one can change other’s diaper when he can no longer move

I cant tell if he was the love of her life when she decided to tight the knot.
But looking at her shivering shoulder, her teary eyes now every time we talk
About our beloved and only man
and whatever reminded us of him
I can think of nothing to explain but love

Have you ever wondered
How did our parents live before having us?
And how would you tell your future children
About your youth...
Crystene Apr 2020
When you will go outside, find me
I am warmed with you
Lingering overjoyed for you
If you cant find at me
You keep ****** me in your heart
You can read my eyes
What is indeed requested to claim
Why I am smirking at you
Being you are there
Formerly occupying my heart and embracing my soul
Le Beau Jan 2020
If I can see it then I can do it
She always get a attitude when its time for me to leave & I know its because she want me to stay
km Nov 2019
I am so grateful for you
For making me the happiest I’ve ever been
For making me feel loved
For making me feel safe
And for always reminding me how special I am

I have never loved anyone like I love you
You keep me going
And inspire me to do better

You’re the answer to my prayers
You are the one
The one who I want to build a future with

No matter how hard it may get
I will love you unconditionally
For you are
The love of my life
Candis Soul Apr 2019
As I walked over through the piles of people I came close
As I approached the love of my life I touched his back twice to get his attention
Looking to the left I could clearly see the sweat fall off other people
The faces of happy and drunk with love...literally
Finally, finally he saw me.
With our eyes finally gazing at each other and our hearts beating I felt his warmth as he hugged me
My soul was swept away by his loving eyes
As I began to talk he gazed at me and I spoke about 3 words then he just plunged his lips upon mine
5 seconds felt like eternity for me
It was as if all he wanted was that one last kiss. All he wanted was to feel my lips one last time
As we removed ourselves from each other I was still in his arms gazing up at him as he was looking down at me
I was taken back without a word
I could say nothing but stare up at him
His lip were warm and wet I could feel his spit in my mouth
May sound gross to you but glorious to me
Finally after realizing that we were staring too long he turned his attention to another and that was it
My last dance with my one true love
I don’t think I will ever have a moment like that again
The truth is I realized in that moment I still love him I never stopped
I will never love another like I love him.
Sparkles of beautiful butterflies in the wind
Cold and distant until that final kiss
Seeing you
is like opening an old door
to sunshine and warm breeze,
after hunkering indoors all winter.

Touching you
is like diving into the ocean for the first time,
the bubbles fizzling and the current playing with your toes.

Hearing your voice
is like Home got up and started talking,
and its favorite song is laughter.

Smelling you
is the familiar scent I’ve always known
but could never figure out from where,
until I met you.
Happy Valentine’s Day! I delight in who you are and the place you have in my life. I love that we act like we just met and our love for each other is new every day. I want to fall in love with you over and over and over again forever.
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