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Tara Marie Jul 2016
A cool wind touching crevices
of your face, escaping
hot air and dodging quickly
as to not be caught by sun.

Your eyes gleaming deeper
than ocean waters
disguising life below them as thick,

White birds sink deep into sunsets,
seen from different windows,
all whispering the same words..
look at me and feel beauty

I can picture your hands,
cleaned, but stain imprinted
placed softly on my skin,
alone, with waves crashing.

Time is no constant.
There's only light and it's absence.
Your smile never fades away.
No envelopes with red writing.

I can hardly feel the fabric
worn loosely on my skin.
There's scattered sand upon it,
on sun-soaked salty bodies.

We're happily pacing
a shore of endless shells
laughing about stories
of work and other chores.

I want no one other
than your green eyes, blinding
to take me there, love me bare,
a shore with just our footsteps.
Echo Dec 2014
~I always thought of myself as one for romance,
Until I met you, Adrienne.
Only you have made me laugh more than any other guy ever has.
Only you could stun me like no other.
Only you wave eyes like a great ocean,
With it's golden sand,
And light blue waves.
Swirling currents,
That sweep me away,
Your eyes are the windows to my soul.
Not yours, mine, or maybe both.
You aren't one for romance,
But for once, I find this way okay.
I'll put the key in your hands,
You lead.
I can't tell you anything these days,
without cracking a smile,
a giggle rising,
a laugh sounding.
All the laughs we've ever shared,
Which honestly, has been hundreds,
Come out just when I say hi.
I'm a bubbly girl CRAZY for you,
I can play the games,
Oh, the games we'll play.
How 'bout I swat you?
And you strike back?
How 'bout I hug you?
And you embrace the feeling tight?
How 'bout I ask you out,
On tomorrow's starry night?
You're perfect to me,
No matter what they say.
You're all that I see,
Don't let them call you gay.
I want to squeeze you hand,
And you squeeze back tighter,
And maybe one day,
We'll pull an all-nighter.
Only you♡
Please say yes when I ask. Please oh, please!
Dameon Spencer Nov 2014
Because only you
Can make me love
The smell of cigarettes and *****
And only you can make a cold night
Just a little warmer.
Amour de Monet May 2014
your light is beautiful
and mine is glum
in your eyes i find
sensations my estranged blood
has never felt
to touch, to love ...a soul unselfishly
for no other reason than to love

i want to place my frostbit hands
upon your beating chest
and ****** you away
or might I chain your hands
and take you with me

i could pull you into my gale
a hostage of my lonely curiosity
but I'm afraid, so afraid that your light
will fill the empty gaping blackness
and your gentle breaths
will calm my feral winds
you alone will effortlessly transpose
the thunder of my bones and
i will assent that only your nearness
can bring the calm to the eye
of my storm

but what follows when you
tire of breaking my weathers
when your chains rust into reddish ash
and i can no longer keep you, my love
i can’t imagine this place will ever be
as fair as it was with you
and i can only foresee that
which will become of me

for when the day does break
and I find myself alone
when the silence of your absent
lungs deafens my troubled mind
my storm will surge again

and as the black clouds surround
i will bring my withered hands
before me and remove the foolish eyes
that once lost themselves in you
so there are two sunken holes
inside my skull
i will cut through my sternum and
rip my dour heart from my chest
i will undress from my flesh and
pull the nerves you once caressed
and my naked soul will dig a grave
and settle into the dark
i am tired.... and i am a mess... and i am all things love and darkness at the moment. something has left me cold. i should rewrite this one day... when i'm more mind and less exhaustion.

— The End —