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You’re never-ending freckles
I loved every last one

We’d explore your body
Looking for constellations
along the way
Turning your infinite freckles
into our own galaxies

Losing ourselves
in each other
trixie444 Jan 2020
once upon a time, there was a girl-a very good girl
but good or not, everytime she woke up she was sad
you see, she didnt want to be here anymore
but not by her own hand-she wanted God to take her and that made her bad

from birth and the years that follwed, there was always a cross to bear
she was so very tired and didnt know what to do except sleep
these crosses were so heavy , they ****** everything good out of her
and she was ashamed to admit that she just didnt care

her dad told her that she was special and in heaven she would have the biggest wings
But not if she leaves before she is supposed to, he said hang on
she always believed everything her said but she began to gather her things

she made a will and made her wishes known
down to the littlest detail-she made picture collages to pass the time
she sold all the treasures she adored throughout her days
because she knew her son would throw everything out with no reason or rhyme

her few friends and her family began to think and fear
her faith was always so strong-her favorite word was BELIEVE
but her faith was fading before their eyes and they didnt know how much more she could take
losing her son was the one thing this strong girl just could not bear...
Elsa Apr 2018
You were the type of person who loved dancing in the rain.
Laughter and the smell of daisies followed you everywhere
I don't think you owned a sweater that wasn't oversized
You would leave pressed flowers in all of my books, and I still find them today
I never would have imagined how terrible life without you is
If only life came back to people who deserved it, people like you.
No one except for me knew that behind the daisies and the oversized sweaters, you were hurting
You wore the sweaters to hide yourself
You were ashamed
You never wanted anyone else to hurt, so you spent your time fixing others instead of yourself
I tried to help you but I failed
And I hate myself for letting you hurt
I know I musn't dwell on the past, but it's hard when that's the only thing keeping you alive is my mind
Somebody's Me Oct 2017
It's been a week when he decided to surprise me with his goodbye...
It was 7 in the morning.. I didn't expect to wake up feeling lost.. not able to utter a word.

He asked me to just find someone else like I'm someone who he can just give to anyone..

The reason for ending the relationship was because he will be moving far... and he said that is the only way he sees to save us both from the hurt that the distance would cause.. he said if he happens to cameback next year and we're still both single we might get back together..

He doesn't want me to wait.. but I'm more than willing to wait for him... idk until how long I can wait, but I'm more than willing..

I just wanted to post this... I would probably be doing posts about him.. until when I can't wait for him any longer.. or if I'm blessed enough I will continue until he comes back in my arms..
It's hard to breathe
And weird to touch
I was acting so normal
And I was thinking too much

Trying hard
To figure out
Moving onward
Engulfed in doubt

Don't look back
Too much pain
And in fact
Nothing to gain

Filled with knots
Wasted time
I got a penny for my thoughts
When I deserved a dime

Who's to say what's true
I never said I was right
Guess I never knew
It's not worth the fight

Thinking about before
Don't know who I was
Could have closed the door
And never been an "us"

Said you would stay
Promised you could
Chose to walk away
I knew you would

Everything was fine
Said we'd never part
Knew it was a line
But gave you my heart

I'll take the blame
I've always known
I played your game
You lost alone

I know you know
There's more to give
You were a stepping stone
I have a life to live

Hard to love
Weird to trust
Acting typical
Think it was lust

You told me to be strong,
Then you left

— The End —