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  Sep 2018 Sam Kelly
Thomas EG
I can't feel your painful memories,
But they do linger and try to follow
I hope you know, if you'd permit it,
I would bubble-wrap your shadow

Your knight in not-so-shining armour,
By your side, yet watching your back
I would slay any beast in your path,
Not to imply you have a weak attack

But I would fight for you forever,
Even though I call myself a lover
However, our love makes me strong,
So I will raise my fists for no other

But never ever to you, my darling,
I'd only ever dare wish you the best,
Apologise if I hold you too tightly
And, with every day, show you the rest
My bubble-wrapped lover
Sam Kelly Aug 2018
The leaves are changing
The air is heavy
I know you've been here before
Months pass
Seasons change
And all you want is to not feel the same
Each morning offers hope
That today you'll receive the key to your cage.
But still you're trapped
And I can see you start to suffocate
And I can't lift this weight off your chest.
But I would offer you my last breath
To relieve just a second of this stress.
I don't know if you'll hear the leaves
Crunching beneath your feet
Or if they'll be green or brown or just not around,
When your heart stops racing
And you can breathe deep again.
But I know your strength will be rewarded
And your pain will ease.
I know one day soon, you will be free.
Sam Kelly Aug 2018
I used to drink my poison straight from the bottle.
No warnings would stop me,
No crystallized rim could sway me.
I was thirsty,
So I drank.
And when the nausea came and my vision blurred
I thought "this is how it feels to be loved".
I figured all drinks had a little something
Slipped into them,
This eliminated the element of surprise.
So I drank my poison
And I shut my eyes
And I let the ringing in my ears sing me to sleep.
But I'm trying to be good now,
And I'm taking my medicine
And oh god is it sweet
And although my poison was true to it's word,
I know now I misunderstood.
Because my poison was no ill-equipped soldier,
Doing the best it could.
My poison was just poison.
It was just doing it's job.
And now my body hurts from the years I abused it,
But this medicine makes me feel warm again and the nausea is gone
And I'm scared there's still poison left in my veins.
But I know that my medicine is stronger,
I know it's gonna keep me safe.
Sam Kelly Aug 2018
The pain of leaving you is creeping in,
Am I detoxing the opiates in your skin?

My fractured heart is in its mould
Held together with hopes turned cold.

The time will come for it to thaw
And expose the damage from a love so flawed.

As it crumbles it will take its bow,
For it's only to blame for the state it's in now.
Sam Kelly Jul 2018
Maybe one day we’ll meet again,
When our hearts are finally free.
And I’ll hold you close right till the end
Baby, just wait and see.
Sam Kelly Jul 2018
I really don’t blame you
For expecting the worst.
When the friends I thought true,
Could see my name cursed.

But I am no threat,
I am not poison.
And I will not let
The lies that they’ve chosen
Get under my skin,
Or seep into my blood.
Because I know that within,
My heart is good.

There is no motive,
There is no plan.
So please forgive
What you think I am.
I wrote this when I thought I was the problem
Sam Kelly Jul 2018
Baby I just wanna get drunk
A little something to get me outta this funk
Maybe get some smoke into these lungs
Laugh at terrible jokes and finger guns
Play some old records that I hate
While you tell me why they’re so great
Get freaked out at how fast time goes
I’ll fall asleep on the floor in my clothes
Just a chilled night, nothing crazy
I just wanna get drunk with you baby
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