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Pyrrha Feb 2019
"Till death do us part"
I refuse to say this when I am wed
because love does not have an expiration date
I hope that long after I die
you will still look back and remember
how deeply we loved
If you die before me
I will love you into my next life

Till death do we meet again,
to renew our love and fall once more
Erin Nicole Sep 2016
You give me chills.
You make my heart beat faster at the touch.
You make me feel safe
You make me feel loved
The thought of losing you scares me
Every dream I have of you, I smile in my deep slumber, thoughts of you running through my mind.
I thought I knew love but you have proved me wrong.
I love you with all my life, heart, and soul.
You're mine. I am yours.
I'd die for you
I miss you..

— The End —