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DJL May 2018
it's 2:31 am and I'm still wide awake
it's 2:31 am and you're the only thing on my mind and god I wish you would just stop running because I'm exhausted
its the thought of leaving you
it's the thought that you've already left and I didn't get the chance to say goodbye
it's 2:31 am and I've never been so sleepless
Somebody's Me Oct 2017
It's been a week when he decided to surprise me with his goodbye...
It was 7 in the morning.. I didn't expect to wake up feeling lost.. not able to utter a word.

He asked me to just find someone else like I'm someone who he can just give to anyone..

The reason for ending the relationship was because he will be moving far... and he said that is the only way he sees to save us both from the hurt that the distance would cause.. he said if he happens to cameback next year and we're still both single we might get back together..

He doesn't want me to wait.. but I'm more than willing to wait for him... idk until how long I can wait, but I'm more than willing..

I just wanted to post this... I would probably be doing posts about him.. until when I can't wait for him any longer.. or if I'm blessed enough I will continue until he comes back in my arms..
Riham Sep 2017
Here we are again reading at the same page
Same eye color
Same habits
Same laugh
Looking similar to each other
He did like my words and
I liked the way he did hold the book
We did avoid eye contact  
We both know what it will happen..
I wanted to Tell him that he
appeared in my dreams last night
That's why I don't look existed to see him after such long time
And I wanted to Tell him that i miss the pure moments that we did share
Baby laugh , angel touch
Talking about our dreams
Under his favorite part about the world "the Rain"
He used to tell me that the rain complete us as much as we complete ourselves ...
But After a year and a half everything has changed
The weather, the people , our laughs , our happiness , our guidance ..
Everything has changed
Everything ...

Ciske Feb 2015
I find myself
staring at the tv
infront of me,
and i miss you.

I miss your
silly faces,
your reactions
and reenactments,
of a show
playing in the background.

I find myself
being lonely without you,
your presence,
longing for you
to be here.
Emma Stebbing Feb 2015
What killed me the most
was watching you with her
kissing, hugging, loving

What broke my heart
was hearing you tell her
you loved her and that you’d never leave

What was poison in my veins
was knowing you had said
that same thing to me
With the same love in your eyes

What helped me sleep at night
was shedding my tears, the tears
you used to wipe away

What kept me in bed some days
was understanding that you were
actually gone and never coming back

But what gave me the strength to move on
was MY courage, MY bravery and
MY longing to acquire new things in my life.
Emma Stebbing Feb 2015
Your eyes. I could look in them all day and never get tired or bored. They’ve become my favorite color.
Your smile. Your smile could light up the whole town if that was possible.
Your laugh. Hearing your laugh lets me know that one day everything will be ok. Maybe not today but one day
Your sense of humor. Its a little odd some days but it’s what makes you, you.
Home. You’re my home. You’re where my heart is and has been for awhile.
The way you hold me. I feel safe, like no one can hurt me when you are around.
You make me smile. Without even trying. Smiling is a natural thing with you
Your respect for me. The fact that you’re not like every other guy. You didn’t push me to have *** with you even though i gave you chances. You didn’t want that to put a strain on the relationship.
Your loyalty. I don’t only mean to the relationship, but to your friends.
Your craziness. The fact that you aren’t afraid to be yourself. It’s refreshing
Your kisses. The spontaneous ones. The forehead or nose kisses. The small pecks or the long passionate ones.  
Your hugs. They make me feel like even if it is just in that moment that everything will be okay.
Your patience. With me and my mom.
Your ability to see past my faults. I know i have a lot of them but you seem to not notice to many of them, Or at least if you do you don’t comment on them
How caring you are. That even though we aren’t together you are still willing to be there for me. To listen to my problems.
||You’ll never actually understand how much i appreciate that.||
Your stubbornness. Oh man. even though that can make you a pain in the donkey. It’s something that makes me respect you. You refuse to give up. If a door won’t open you don’t give up you keep trying.
You understand. You understand me. More than you think you do. More than most people do.
You’re there when i need someone. That night at the movie’s if you hadn’t had been so patient I would have more than likely gone into a panic attack,but of course my Superman swooped down and saved the day

I wasn’t planning on falling in love with you, but I’m glad I did
Emma Stebbing Feb 2015
When we touch
it’s like you lit a fire just under my skin
When we talk
my heart flutters and jumps about never for a moment staying still
When our eyes meet
I could swear that it becomes only me and you in this world  at that moment
Emma Stebbing Feb 2015
How do you know when you love someone?
Is it watching them kiss another?
When you stand by watching them love
someone else, feeling your heart shatter in
your chest but you stand quiet because the only thing
that matters is their happiness,
When you stand, gazing at the stars
and it reminds you of their smile and the
twinkle in their eyes,
Or is it when the warm fuzzy feeling
you get when you hear their name
or see them gets stronger
than ever before.
Emma Stebbing Feb 2015
My home isn't a building
with windows and walls
My home has a
heart beat and a beautiful smile
With eyes that have become my favorite color

— The End —