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Ayn Jun 2020
Sliding through salty waters,
Spray hitting my face
Each time I dip the paddle
Into the murky creek.

it’s so serene,
No people,
No yelling,
No sirens,
Just me and the geese,
And the wind.

Even though I’m thinking
About my next move,
You’re still there,
Lying, beautiful,
In the back of my mind.
Kayak is a palindrome.
Ayn Jun 2020
Slipping on the ice,
And crashing through the glass.

Floating shards
Hovering in prismatic wonder,
Lighting my darkened mind
Like the thousand stars
Guiding me to
My long lost dreams.
Is it on purpose that one of the corners is still left in the dark? ;)
My interpretation of how love CAN work. A withering rejection that flowers into something beautiful. emphasis on can.
Zack Ripley Sep 2019
Second chances are pots of gold at the end of a rainbow.
But we treat them like a prize from a box of ******* jacks;
Cherished one minute, then the next we put it back.
Not taking things for granted is easier said than done.
But if you get a second chance, treat it like it's the only one
LaFayette Feb 2020
The swirl has begun again
The impending cyclone returns
And I am overwhelmed once more
A violent disturbance breaks me

It will follow its well-worn path
Through my mind and weary soul
Nothing shown mercy or quarter
Weak as the terror tears through

And I look to you my only one
As I lay my pained head on your lap
I will not surrender to the storm
But I will surrender myself to you
LaFayette Aug 2019
Amidst the cold and dark spaces between
There I am with my invisible foe
Waiting with bated, visible breath
Find me here and never let me go

When my brain is all anxiety and chaos
Broken thoughts unable to sow
Here I am the shattered man
Find me here and never let me go

Where the mirror mocks my reflection
Disgust of me from head to toe
I’ll freeze in place for you to save me
Find me here and never let me go

I’ve waited for so long to see your face
An unwrapped present behind a bow
The other half of my soul, unfound
Find me here and never let me go

I know you are out there my love
Searching for the path we cannot know
I pray for you to find your way
Find me here and never let me go
LaFayette Nov 2019
A vision of the sand and waves endlessly
Unending sky and sundown magenta

The slow rock of the chair and me in the breeze
A glance to my right and vacant stare to infinity

My mistake left me here to contemplate fate
Of a solitary life without the love of another

I yearn for one who can see through my scarred form
Unconditionally accept the soul which rests inside

Will you stay here and be all I ever needed?
Will you fill this empty chair here, love?
LaFayette Nov 2019
Blackest night in a stormy sea
I cannot keep my feet
The tempest has overwhelmed
And I am so lost, adrift

The cold rain grips me like a vise
The ocean will take me
The end is nigh, a certainty now
Say my own last rites

Blinded by snow and ice, breathless
Hurricane unrelenting
And my faith has failed me finally
Then your light, your light

Guide me, shelter me with your beam
Bring me home, my sentinel
Your lone ray is my hope renewed
My last salvation from ruin

I had hoped to bring you a keeper
The cyclone led me astray
I will be your guardian one day soon
But today you are my beacon
LaFayette Dec 2019
The cynics are happy to tell you
True love is a myth from fairy tales
It doesn’t exist in this world’s reality
Love will not conquer all, no soul mates
Make your compromises and find a match
Find someone just good enough to work
True love is for suckers and romantics

You made them all look like skeptical fools
You proved the one I could always rely on
You saw in me the beauty not the beast
You were my best friend through it all
The rock in which I based my strength
The one rocking in the chair next to me
And I’ll love you until my last breath
LaFayette Jan 2020
My navigator in the darkest of oceans
My immovable shield amid the onslaught
My opposite pole keeping me centered
My constant in this chaotic world of mine
My cure to parallax when I lose perspective
My azimuth to bring me back to the right path
My true north to bring me home to you
My North Star, My Polaris
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