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FRITZ Aug 2020
started the summer on the docks
eye walked into the ocean
the sand melting under my swum weight
cold waves crashing against my chest
ebb and flow of grief; a rush and then a dip
thrusting me back only to pull me deeper in
my body disappears into the shadow

pulled into the black
toes brush off the ledge
standing freezing before the drop.

there is blood above your threshold
there is salt upon the floor
there is a sound still hanging in the atmosphere
your voice emptied itself into the walls and they mourn for you.
a transcendental experience.
FRITZ Apr 2020
another blocked satellite

beaming black mountain transitions

                   molars full of moss

       burning up the dogwood.

the scales aren't nearly as round around

the edge as you are ; you made me kiss you in the


                flies by fire

tree splinters into fractal spirals.

          am eye the one you want

         or do you just need to feel wanted?

haha, *******, eye am not your Evangelion

burning on my faces marks the sun

it's my minds that's been idle

               yet the existence of my voice

implies merely my slight existence

                                                   in this pit

                the water is blood the blood is clotting

                choking, pushing, on my chest.
FRITZ Mar 2020
flickering was the night
you were fast asleep
and in my eyes you
might have died.

your breathing slowed
and your worried eyes
you looked so calm
around us the night's alive.

when we drift into
some slipping place
I look at you with
your saving grace

we depart to sleep
nestled arm in arm
waking in a world of vision
and a field of green.
I focus on the notions of 'cherry'.
FRITZ Feb 2020
creeping madness slicks black and manic

spider high up on the wall

eyeballing me nervously,                                       "who are you?

why are you stalling? whats come crawling back?

you know how this ends don't you?"

swift answers and an amniotic happiness installation.

                              speaking of stone, wired the lilies grow and the intrepid sank there was quite a stillness in the air.

sunken sand around my feet water cold and green.

     out to meet the entity

     her languorous form so ravenously tempting

     so utterly repulsive and unspeakable.

looking for lights offshore

          heretics of the unimaginable disciples of the moon

          chemical ooze gels burns in the stomach

lit on up and walked out over the water.

after his peak, went heat seeking to the east and he ceased his babble easily, stuffing his mouth with pennies and bits of charcoal. we called him land-lubber and left him for said.

there is no part to this.

there is no heart in this.

                                                    blistering and out of control the fever spins.

wandering tills the level.

                                 filtering cold and pushes me out into the yarns.
a crawling idiot madness
FRITZ Jul 2019

smile and drop the facade

tune into your suffering and lie to yourself

he's lying                         (watch his lips move)

take whats mine

take the pulse under my skin

**** it all away

                                                           ­ i just need one more day


half pack of cigarettes no wrapper

next to the body of a man fallen from his masturbators

walls plastered with the back of his head and a

dead body saturating in excrement

gun on the floor one casing spent

wasn't long ago he sat there smoking

one burning red fountain is sick 96¢.

the hole they put him in cost

4000 rounds.


open your mouth and ignore the

scorched mounds dissipating into the wind

your whisper your breath your flesh

go they all go

c'est la vie.
R18+ I guess.
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