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FRITZ Jul 10

smile and drop the facade

tune into your suffering and lie to yourself

he's lying                         (watch his lips move)

take whats mine

take the pulse under my skin

**** it all away

                                                           ­ i just need one more day


half pack of cigarettes no wrapper

next to the body of a man fallen from his masturbators

walls plastered with the back of his head and a

dead body saturating in excrement

gun on the floor one casing spent

wasn't long ago he sat there smoking

one burning red fountain is sick 96¢.

the hole they put him in cost

4000 rounds.


open your mouth and ignore the

scorched mounds dissipating into the wind

your whisper your breath your flesh

go they all go

c'est la vie.
R18+ I guess.
amniotic caves. brushing up and flavors darting round your tongue.
     dancing and
          fresh soft and smelling like snow they
               melted in the sunlight of your eyes.

                                       eye am sound.

a birth a vacancy pushed. major arteries walled surrealist retaliates so often shot subtle and then rearranged.

can you hear me?

                               from out of the ooze eye return.
FRITZ Dec 2018
what strange secret shattered and charged

a mighty foe with the wings on a blast

but bituminous the glow and from hell

dangerous to think things ringing in your ears

slip into a still watch it slip through

your fingers like sand through a sieve.

under-swept and as said so differencing from distance softer than you could sea

the skies

                watching the clo(u)ds collide.

couldn't pull back an escapist so fled the paint into a sick barrel of venom.



                       ­            ear

listen to the end

quiet and seek through thunder

clouding your minds scrambled thick and ****** slick.

                this is not about them the things are as he said.
every day, seven times a day, a torture.
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