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[A conversation between Light and Darkness]

  Light said,
"We're adversaries, maybe.
But I've come to see the possibility
That you are my shadow after all."

Darkness dawned, and said,

"And I thought you could see everything,
For you were light yourself.
Am I merely a fear, of your and mankind's?
[They think you could have no fears, either.]
I am, Nature's nocturnal rhyme.
I exist, for you cannot make up for me.

An ever unraveling mystery,
I am humble, for I become
What the world makes of me.
You make the world see,
Little do they know,
They see the world
Through the colours You colour them in.
I make them face fears,
Away from illusion-ed complacency,
With my silent presence giving them company.
From mere empirical sight,
I have given rise to vision/ imagination in them."

Darkness continued -
"Oh, I am not here to seek pity.
I'm sure they wonder,
Why some-one like me,
Has existed as tenaciously as you.
I am not to be sought,
I am not light years away,
I am the recourse within.
Truly, I had underestimated myself for long."

Light flickered a little,
To glow anew in realization, then said-
"I am the spotlight,
You're the impactful dot.
I comprise the glorious endings,"
Darkness beamed and said,
"I am the prompt to the start.
Dawn and dusk are but a
Celebration of our synchronicity."

Light chipped in to continue,
"I begin to see things in a new light,
For I have acknowledged you,
And that is our victory."
From thinking of light and darkness as two opposites in perpetual contention, to realizing that the two exist because of each other - The conversation attempts to break the notion of them being mere adversaries. Also, light is perceived here from different vantage points in the poem - If one sticks to the light - darkness adversary notion, then light itself has always been in fear of the dark. But light, being luminous as it is, cannot see the larger picture.  When light falls upon an object, we simply see it with our empirical senses, and believe it to be true- a big risk we're taking all the while. Darkness isn't necessarily literal here, it could stand for emptiness-  which may thus not necessarily prompt fear, but introspection, or imagination. Hence, the difference between sight and vision. Darkness seeks to be throned on no pedestal - it lets the world shape it in the way the world  likes to right now, giving them time to discover its real form, unlike light which has been venerated all along. For all you know, light is a shadow of our creation.

— The End —