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Melili Aug 2018
I've been waiting for the day
you say you want me back.
I've been alone all this time,
that I seem not to understand it.

You threw my heart into the flames
I took our pictures out the frames
I tried to throw my heart out,
but I still keep 'em just in case.

If you're wondering if I still love you
after so much time has passed.

Since you ask,
I don't really want you back.
I just want the life we had.
I don't really want you close.
I just needed you to know,
that I don't really want you back.
Sometime you need to let thing go, to keep moving your life.
thehiddenwriter Jan 2018
I was standing somewhere alone,
watching things come and go,
listening to the noises and voices around me,
that moment was constant,
as nothing felt different,
no person or thing made me hold my breath a moment longer,

but then you came,
like a wind,
which turned into storm,
and somehow
you cancelled all the loud noises,
you blurred all the excessive frames,
it was as if you hacked my mind and
made me focus my everything on you.

I don’t know what happened in that moment
but it was different,
and for me
love is something different
something that mesmerizes you,
amazes you, and something that you hold onto.
January 9 2018 almost 2 pm and
I am writing this somewhere in the corner
Poetic T Nov 2017
I stare at empty picture frames...

         Vacant memories never filled..
That moment I regret was never saying..
                                                    *"I do,
Stanley Wilkin Oct 2017
I watch you crawling slowly,
the earth clothes you;
i watch as light shakes
your limbs in supperating harmony,
the earth conceals you;
i watch your expiration,
the earth frames you.
i watch your quiet resurrection,
emerging crossly into day,
the earth, the dry warm earth
chokes you.
Gabriel burnS Jan 2017
Love doesn't rhyme;
the rules imposed,
the frames we chose,
do not apply,
although we try
to tame its flow
we sink below,
we seek
salvation by escape;
we bravely dove
but there's the threat
of drowning

the rhythm
and the melody
it's giving us,
all random...
but do we
lose ourselves
to find them,
or is it them
we lose
to find ourselves,
I cannot help
but wonder...
Keonte Johnson Aug 2016
Everywhere I look these things exist
No matter where you are these things persist
Hardly ever noticed and sometimes taken for granted
But in very few places are they an antic
They don’t squeeze they don’t bind
If you are confined by one you are fine
Everyone has one believe it or not
But you and I are different because we do not
While they are stuck with nowhere to go
We are free and can only grow
With no limits we are freer than free
And because of this difference we are happy as can be
I think this is the second or third poem I ever wrote. It's not good at all but I tried being positive because the first one or two were dark. Picture frames were the inspiration to this one.
Phoebe Hynes Apr 2016
I think harmony is one of those things,
that can only be determined from an internal blueprint.
Concepts emerge,
and this reasoning is extracted,
from beautiful objects and ideas.
an idea formed,
and              framed
by                        a
grouping           of
other                ideas.
kayla Nov 2014
dusty frames retain memories
perfectly designed
and then all at once
we live too fast
Winter Silk Jul 2014
A painting may be a thousand words
but a thousand paintings can't paint her
A flower living off her own sunlight
A broken mirror that reflects inner beauty

Now all I've got are photos
Some sepia, digital, black and white
Though the colours don't really matter
Because my heart is black and blue

The memory in my camera
Is smaller than my memory of you
I remember everything that you do
And I'll never delete it.

Now, you're just in a picture frame,
And I need a new frame of mind.
Another note left in the hallways.
There must be a poet on the loose.

— The End —