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Arya Night Mar 31
The school building hates me.
It hisses every time my body
Slams into its lockers,
It forces me to pop the dints out

It complains every time my blood
stains it’s pristine halls.
It forces to catch blood before it leaks out.

It growls every time my tears
Burn it’s skin in the bathrooms
It forces me to stop before crying out.

I hate the school building.
Each day on its steps, I worship its doors.
Each day we promise a treaty.
Each day it promises to let me live
If I promise to get out as soon as I can.

The school building and I hate each other.
Arya Night Mar 25
Beware of the girl who like rainstorms
The girl who’s thought are only
Quieted by the roll of thunder
The girl who find peace in
Deafening noise
The girls who’s eyes trap
lighting and keep it as her own.
The girl who laughs while
the heavens tremble
Beware of the girl who likes rainstorms
Because she feels at home in the storm
And find power in the chaos
I’ve always love listening to thunder storms. It’s help me whenever I feel powerless.
Arya Night Mar 10
Smile. Laugh. Repeat.
Smile. Laugh. Repeat.

You know you’re supposed to be happy
Supposed to be happy

Smile. Laugh. Repeat.
Smile. Laugh. Repeat.

Never let them see.
Arya Night Jan 24
You say you love with a rose.
The delicate red petals,
reminding you of my lips.
I say they are more like your blush.

You say I love you with a rose.
As the thorns kiss you hand,
Reminding you of how my teeth kiss your neck.
I say it’s more like our fingers, despite to hold on.

You say I love you with a rose.
The firm, rich, stem reaching up to hold the bloom.
Reminding you of my shoulders willing to hold the world.
I say it’s more like your will, unyielding and unbroken.
Valentine‘s day is coming up so here’s something romantic.
Arya Night Nov 2020
I know you love me.
Though you might not know how to say it.
Your tongue tripping over the words,
Like stones tumbling into a river.
The sound lost in the space between us,
Like flowers petals caught is a strong wind.

I know it is easier to say that you don’t love
It flow from a mouth used to biting
Lashing out like a beach of shattered glass.
Pushing away any who get to close,
Better to never let them in,
Then risk getting hurt.

To your dismay though,
I got close.

I embraced your sharp words
Letting the glass roll off my skin.
Watching the sun dance across your beach.
Guiding the water to soften
Your stone edges.

Your dark eyes shine with self hatred
With each sharp word that flicks off your tongue and blasters against my skin.

A dark fear
You refuse to say aloud
That one day I’ll disappear
That you’ll finally hurt me
And I’ll see you clear

Still you say I’m better off without you,
That we are opposites.

You call me sweet,
Kindness drip off my tongue like honey.
You call call me love,
Because my heart has enough to give.
You call me life,
Because there is a spark inside me.

But we, my love, are a match set.
The water that tames the burning fire.
The bright stars that fill the night sky.
The extrovert’s adopted introvert.
The biter salt and the sweet sugar.

Though you might not alway know,
How to say it.
I know you love me.
And there’s no place I’d rather be
Than here.
This is from my personal experience dating someone who carries a lot of trauma and is demi-******.
Arya Night Oct 2020
I believe you,
Because I believe there is goodness
In talking about the badness.  
Because turning a blind eye is the same as selling your soul.

I believe you,
Because I’ve faced the monsters too.
And I’ve found the monsters under the bed
Are nothing compared the monsters outside.

I believe you,
You’re not alone.
Your monsters are real
They can bleed
They can be defeated.
Arya Night Oct 2020
Your wrong,
They say, using a few words to sharpen
The knife of cruelty.

You’re wrong,
They say, pressing the blade against
the thin string of life that holds me.  

You are wrong,
They say, using a few sentences in a book
The symbol of rebirth turning into

You are so wrong,
They say, pressing their lies and wrapping
The noose around thin scared necks.

You are not wrong
Your heart says, clinging to the ones that give you life.
The one that keeps life in your scared lungs.

You are right,
Your love says, holding you close in the dark night
The shield from the rest of the worlds damnation.  

You’re right,
Your soul says, clinging to love
The light that guides you away from the cliff.

Your right,
Those who love you say, holding warmth in their hearts.
The one that loves you the way you are.

Love is love
and nothing they say can take that away.
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