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Cam Dec 2020
You can leave.
and push me away,
but I promise  
I will always stay,
by your side
where I belong,
‘cause even if
you do me wrong,
it’s just me and you
so I’ll see it through,
‘cause don’t ya know,
I love you.
Arya Night Oct 2020
I believe you,
Because I believe there is goodness
In talking about the badness.  
Because turning a blind eye is the same as selling your soul.

I believe you,
Because I’ve faced the monsters too.
And I’ve found the monsters under the bed
Are nothing compared the monsters outside.

I believe you,
Because I want you to know
You’re not alone.
Your monsters are real
and they bleed and can be defeated.
Gracie Knoll Jun 2020
Here I stand
Wondering when my mind
Was shaped by all these lies
That carried me this far

Here I stand
How did I get here?
It wasn’t my own feet
That carried me this far

But it’s my hand
Can reach out,
Its my voice,
Can speak up,
It’s my feet
That can stand

Here I stand
Prejudice in hand
Ready to let go
And walk into this fire

Here I stand
Humbly armed with love
Can you forgive us?
We’re walking into fire

Here I stand
Swathed in all your tears
Appalled by all these years
Let’s walk into the fire

I will never
I could never
But I stand
with you
Robin Oct 2018
Through all this,
We must have hope.

Through all the pain and torture,
Physical and emotional.
Through all the hatred and horror,
In person and on social media.
Whether face to face, or non-verbal,
We stand strong.
We stand together.
Through trials and triumphs,
We come out together.
Hand in hand we march and sing.
Hand in hand we'll make a change.
Already, I can feel the winds shifting.

Through all this,
We still have hope.
Dedicated to a girl in my class.
Arcassin B Jul 2016
By Arcassin Burnham

Fed up and in a bad place,
These aren't just emotions of anger and regret for
The situation at hand and the problems
That they are trying to reflect on america to start
Something we could not come back from,
Race wars,
Afraid to ride my bike down the street
Because of racism,
Afraid to date Caucasian girls because of racism,
Afraid to be black but proud,
Because of racism and these crooked white cops
That hide behind badges like cowards and pick away piece by piece at
The people that hasn't started any war since the assassination of
Martin Luther,
Any rule you abide by in law,
They'll still shoot ya,
And make it seem like you struggled or make it seem like
You tried to grab the gun from the holster and fight your way out,
"I'm not resisting ,.,... Stop shoving me , stop punching me , you
******* *****!!!!!",
Naughty by nature , but my mannerism's heaven sent,
When will these cops (pigs),
Stop killing our people and making families moarn,
We're all created by God , so why do y'all just leave people
America Peace with love and prayers to my brown skin angels,
It's bad enough with black on black crime at every angle,
Y'all ******* up!!!
Protest , peace treaties , Misunderstood riots,
Using this against us ------> " You Have The Right To Remain Silent",
**** That!!!!!
Yelling to the world that the Justice system is biased,
What's drakest must come to light , well the future's at its brightest,
I love all races , I have white friends,
I wonder would Jesus come When the world ends,
But can't end it with a race war,
I'm ready to spread the word if you are,
Doing it for the kids and the poor.

Free Bird Nov 2015
How all our lives are controlled by hate.
Let's sympathize, but still be wise.
Can't be consumed, by all the doom.
Take the time, to redesign;
Re-invent, but don't rewind.
Can't look back, keep moving forward;
Its time for leaders, not for cowards.
Stand up for yourself && for your mother,              
For your sisters, wives, && even brothers.
The time is now; the end is near.
Truth seekers, no longer hiding in fear.
Get money out && people back in.
There's only room for one to win..

— The End —