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People don't know
About the love affair with my thoughts.
We're just like every other couple.
We fight into the night
And poison each other with doubt,
We imprison each other in knotted sheets
And hope the other
Will someday
Get too
Why was I not enough for you?
Why was I not enough?
Why was I?
I hate you for leaving. I hate me for believing.
I always overthink
My thoughts like permanent ink
One thought
Next to another
All my little rambles
And my annoying little stutters
Dark like my soul
Rainbow like my heart
These colours tell a tale
That has no end or start
The fields are filled with dizzy day blues.
I see them in the daisies
I pick while thinking of you.
I weave my dizzy day blues
And make my crown,
So I can wear my dizzy day blues
For the world to know I'm down.
And even when I smile
I still wear my crown with sorrow,
Because all I want to do
Is lay down in my field
And stay in the dizzy day blues.
I feel like I'm seeing everything
Through foggy windows.
The details they blur
And I can't tell who's friend or foe.
If there's danger
I can't see it.
I'm blind to the reality
That I know haunts me silently.
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