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Willie Sep 12
Silence drowns out all my screams
Failure chases away all my broken dreams

Drowning saves me from learning to swim
Running away saves me from dying within

So I ran to a place I felt safe
And I felt alone again

Isolation keeps all your friends at bay
Not that you have many anyway

Sin keeps you from grace
And chases you from the only place
You felt safe

Loneliness saves me from heartache
But which is worse?
Willie Aug 16
My intentions are almost always pure
Selfish maybe but never
Filled with anything but kindness
And yet they're never really clear

My intent is weak
It comes across so lukewarm
And cold
A halfhearted smile and embrace

I care
I feel
I want
I swear I do

I wish i could hold my friends close
In a never ending hug
Console them, lighten their burden
Love them

I wish to feel loved
I want to know how to love
How to not feel alone
Happiness that doesn't come in waves

I want to be desired
Wish to feel alive
Be a better man
Than I am
Willie Aug 16
I wrote to my future self
So naïve of me
I wrote of happiness
And what I wanted to be

I burned this letter
From my past
It reminded of a better time
My delusions vast

I'm not happy
With what I'm doing
It fills me with such dread
And sadness

I feel lost in the moment
As my responsibility drags me along
Going through this 9 to 5 life
It feels wrong

I want to experience the world
With friends by my side
I want to feel bliss
But only a week ago I cried
Willie Jul 26
I crave attention
And all the things I don't get
I crave feeling
Like I belong where I am

I want
What I can't have
I need
Something or someone

I don't know
What I need
Less what I want
Or how to get it

I can't express
My feelings without
Feeling like I'm oversharing
Being in the way

I feel lost
I need
Someone or something

To give meaning
To make me feel
To give me reason

At least vision
Of what I'm
Supposed to do
Willie Jul 8
Why won't my eyes stay open
Why won't they close
Restless sleep
Haunted consciousness

I just want peace
But my thoughts
Haunt my dreams
I need release

No rest for the wicked
No rest for the weary
No rest at all
No sleep since last fall

My body feels cold in the heat of summer
I spend my days not feeling at all
I'm still reminded despite my efforts
Of my last call

My soul is chased around my body
By my heart and my mind
Running over my feelings
A feeling with words I cannot bind

Only an outline of the story
I wish to tell
Words like pieces
My soul I sell

To tell these parts of broken memory
From my side alone
Truly alone
Yet to see someone else's

In front of my eyes
All I've seen are glimpses
Of pieces that I won't fit

I do not belong
To this puzzle
I am just
A piece without peace
Willie Jun 22
Moonlit skies
Faded streetlights
A foggy road

But lonely

Why do I suddenly
feel so alone
Is it because I'm getting older
or just me

This used to be
a happy place
My aesthetic
Now I sit here alone
Willie Jun 19
The city lights sparkled
And glimmered
Like the night sky
You were the moon

I bathed in your light
Only for a short while
Felt your touch
Till daylight stole it away
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