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Willie Nov 2022
The whisper of hatred
The voice inside my head
Whispers in my ear
Before I go to bed

He says look at your life
Spent living in fear
Look at your your friends
Those you hold dear

Look at choices you
Couldn't make
Look at poisons
You wish you could take

But the same voice
That speaks of release
Warns of regret
Those you leave, not at peace

The voice of hatred
Screams with reason
Questions the feeling
Suicide is high treason

Hate the prison
Hate the flesh you wear
Change your look
Do they even care

These people- strangers
You wish to love you
Do they even look your way
Care like you do

About every misstep
Mistake you've made
Every feeling of regret
Thought you've betrayed
Willie Oct 2022
Why do I need potions and pills to feel
Takes copious amounts to help
Rid me of inhibition and
experience what will never be real

The missing pieces of my brain
Eat away at my soul
Extremes are all that I find
Ignorance is not bliss, only pain
Willie Oct 2022
Every time I speak this word
It loses its meaning
Trying to articulate
A miserable feeling

I make these mistakes
Confusing consequence
Willie Oct 2022
The war that rages within me
Only has myself as casualty
The rest are merely
Willie Oct 2022
I spill my blood in confusion
My guts out of fear
I lay barren

I shed my tears out of sadness
My skin wishes not to be
Willie Oct 2022
I spoke to forget
Everything these nights, I feel
Leaves me with (never-ending) regret

Memory serves no purpose
I learn anew each day
The things I wish to forget
The rest fade to gray
Willie Jun 2021
Do you have time on your hands
Or only on your wrist

Free is the illusion
A sleight of hand a twist
Of the tongue
The bending of my own words

My words no longer say what I
Want them to mean
They form
Seemingly unseen
Inside my mind and flow
Seemingly unheard
On deaf ears

My words are softer
When they aren't heard
Like the touch of skin
Once burned

I never know what to say
Silence isn't an option
It feels more awkward that way
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