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A Casanova takes pride
Declaring himself "Casanova"
Falls in love
Shines like a Nova
Singing he was a Casanova
Casanova a Nova!
Habits die hard
You Casanova
The girl in love
Won't stay
In your mind forever
In your life forever
Bored of her
There would be another
You Casanova
You would prove
You end
A Casanova
Shine like a Nova
Short-lived outshine of Nova!
Casanova shines in video song "Casanova"
aimecaesar Sep 2019
Quite ironic how I peg the different states in my life against the day that you were no more.

I had been disillusioned by the various moving parts of life only to recently realize that my admiration for you was the only thing that stayed. I left, despite my plea, thinking that it would be best for both of us. I don't regret doing so, because I know that we are both benefiting from this decision.

I, however, still wonder if the future still holds something interesting for us. Friendship? Lovers? I don't know. I am tempted to check up on you, to find the individual that I once knew and loved. But for the very same reason, I still believe that it won't be best for us. I patiently wait for the moment when this won't be the case. If the stars align just right, with the Good Lord smiling on us, perhaps
we can revisit the stage we once knew.

You were a delight and sadly, our love was shortlived.
Katherine D May 2015
I lay back at night
I wonder what it would be like
If I heard what others heard
saw what they saw

If at night mother really cooked
and brothers weren't hooked
where hugs and kisses
were real

If dad didn't have to run
and could stay for the fun
where lights were on
and food wasn't gone

If  with child mother stayed
and dreams didn't fade
where children stayed children
for the rest of their days

The moment ends
as quickly as it begins
for the baby calls out
to my sister I must tend

I guess some people are just too amazing to live what’s considered a full life.
Maybe even God gets too jealous to handle the truth.
It cannot be denied that some people who were taken,
Shouldn't have been taken away.

Some people get stolen right away from us.
Leaving us feeling like they've literally been torn from our grasp.
Without them we’re a glass half empty.
We don’t want to say half full because it’s not at all happy.

— The End —