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Chase Pamplin Jan 31
You’ve failed to manage, I’m Screaming body damage! No means no but yet you still took advantage......of my innocence. The ignorance in your arrogance has took a toll and I’ve failed to manage I’m Yelling body damage! I’ve took abuse, I was art, I was a muse, a unapologetic way to ******. Your eyes scrolled up and down at me like a page for someone you desire an tried to seek. Just because I dress certain ways doesn’t make me a freak! You’ve made it hard for me to manage....this is body damage. I’m no *****! I’m no ***! Just another another victim and nobody knows. I took a step back on all my goals. In therapy wanting to speak! It’s confidential, it’s discreet. I’m having day time flashbacks. Nightmares of you in my sleep. You’ve made life traumatic, this is body damage!

For the voices that can’t be heard. For everyone that’s been taken advantage of this one is for you.
The Spider Jan 29
Everything always seemed to happen by your house,
and hidden by the trees.

It was a couple weeks after I slapped you.
We were in the woods again.
The snow was melting, and the frozen muddy ground
was visible again.
I sat down on a log, and you sat next to me.

"I really want to try. Can we please just try it?"

You looked at me, pleading for me to try to have *** with you.
But the thing is, you knew I'd never had *** before.
I was scared, and you knew that.

"If you loved me, you would try."

Being fifteen years old and a suicidal wreckage,
I didn't want you to leave me.
I was naïve enough to think this was love.
I agreed that I would try, not that it would go anywhere.

You laid down your jacket, so that neither of us would get muddy.
I started to pull off my pants, but I left my underwear on.
I just wanted to get used to the idea of your **** near that area.
I explained that to you, and you seemed to get it.

"Are you ready?"

I told you no, that I wasn't ready for any of this.
But I would do it for you because I love you.
You pulled off my underwear, and got yourself into position.
My heart was pounding. I kept saying for you to go slow.
And you did.

As your **** began to touch, I started to panic.
I was stuck, frozen in terror.
I had never had *** before, and I 100%  knew I wasn't ready to yet.
As you put your tip in, I remember that it started to hurt really bad.


You didn't though.
Instead, you pinned me down,
putting your weight against my struggling body.

"No, I don't want to. Just let me get it in once, and then I'll stop."

My heart dropped.
This is where I began to panic.
I felt you try to put it in just a little more, but the pain was too much.
I let out a small scream, and then I started to cry.

And that's where you started to panic.
You got off of me, looking hurt and upset.
I put my clothes back on, and you picked up your jacket.

I was reeling. I was scared.
And you were mad because your jacket got *****.
I was still crying, and after what seemed like an eternity you
asked if I was okay.
I played it off like everything was fine.
Heaven forbid I hurt you.

Yes. That was just really scary. I asked you to stop, and you didn't and I just got nervous, that's all.

We went to your house.
You walked me home.
I have no words for how I feel now.
Courtney Oct 2019
19 and held down by her shoulders
her shirt still on, he doesn’t try to remove it
it’s a hastily act that wakes her up abruptly as a penetrating pain spreads over a low section of her body
she feels like a ragdoll so out of control, like she can’t scream for help because she didn’t say no to the first or second time but now she’s asleep and surely that’s a sign
his hands on her neck and she thinks it’s just ***** but it’s to muffle her cries and make him seem less guilty
it’s the third man she’s been with and she’s confused about counting it, she didn’t say yes but she still has to guess whether she should remember this and try to grow or remember it and let it cover the glow
Janine Jacobs Sep 2019
We screamed to be heard, marched to express our rage. To bleed with our fallen sisters, for I am her, and she is me. We all lived each other’s suffering.

The dust has settled now, quiet returned.
Yet I still can’t breath. I am still not safe.

I cry silently for my country. I no longer connect to her. My love and pride is only filled with disappointment. She has left me sad, and empty and afraid.

My son asked me, “Why do you refer to South Africa as a she?” I look at him dumbstruck, he continues, “Perhaps SHE has always been a HE!”

This realization is hard to swallow.
This... scares me half to death.
Yolanda Aug 2019
I pictured me and you and I smiled
Your skin brushing up against mine
Felt like a thousand fireworks on a 4th of July night
Waking up next to you...
The epitome of heaven
I thought

I pictured me and you and I smiled
Your skin brushing up against mine
Felt like a thousand fireworks on a 4th of July night
Waking up next to you...
The epitome of heaven
I thought

Say NO to Domestic Violence. Lets speak out against it. If it happened to you or if it’s happening to you... honey it is not your fault. It’s not okay for anyone to abuse you in way or form. If you find yourself in abusive relationship and you don’t know what to do, speak to a friend, family member, anyone who you think can help you in that moment.

To contact someone you can phone at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233), or 1-800-787-3224 (TTY).

That is a domestic violence hotline ☝️. Men let’s protect our women & women lets do the same for our men.
tayarose Feb 2019
Please stop, I said NO!
I will wonder, why me?
Why didn't you stop, I said NO!
Doesn't my voice have power?
Why put your yes in my no?
You ask why not?
I have no reason to explain myself,
NO means NO, Stop, I don't want to,
I'm not sure, maybe next time.
That all means NO!
My voice does have power, my body is mine
You have no decision on how I dress, or what i wear
I am me, and NO you can't touch me.
Adrian Nov 2017
At a young age
Us girls learn
That the theft
Of our choice
Our pure untouched skin
And our freedom of deciding
Who gets to touch it
The theft
Of our innocence
Our youth
Our ability to say no
That theft
Is less punishable
Than the theft
Of a man's wristwatch
Aaron LaLux Nov 2017
All these things,
mean nothing to me,
stop giving me gifts,
you can’t buy me with things,

I’m on a flight with no baggage,
only carry on so carry on,
just checking in I just checked in on a flight,
gone into the light of the night so if you’re checking for me I’m already gone,

on a flight with no baggage,
can’t get used to taking this abuse,
I mean I know we’re all monsters,
but that’s no excuse,

and I know we usually destroy our own lives,
so why even try to improve I mean really what’s the use?

Destroying our own cities,
look what horrors we’ve become,
toying with our own citizens,
becoming old and alone instead of together and young,

living long enough to see ourselves become the villains,
growing ugly and old instead of dying beautiful and young,

oh Lord what have we done?

And I just want to escape,
please I want to leave and go anywhere but here,
see you don’t own me I’m not your doll,
so don’t call me baby or sweetie or honey or dear,

I am not any one of your things to be given,
I am not responsible for your oppressed childhood tears,

I am bigger than that,
I am bigger than you,
I am the Cheshire Cat,
I am the moon,

I am bigger than big,
I am a monster to monsters,
so no do not try and control me,
because I conquer those that try and conquer,

a monster,
with metallic scales and electric hair,
I grip your tiny Hell of a shell and crush your rig caged fury,
I step forward the earth quakes and my black eyes rage,

little man please,
hitting me doesn’t make you’re weak self stronger,
and I know I put up with your passive aggressive attacks before,
but I’ve turned into a monster and won’t put up with it any longer,

you’ve turned me into a monster,

so I’m standing up,
to all the times I’ve been knocked down,
I’m getting you out of my life,
and I’m getting me out of this town,

out of this place,
away from these things,
and I swear to God I’ll cut off my fckn finger,
if that’s what it takes to lose this ring,

all these things,
mean nothing to me,
stop giving me gifts,
you can’t buy me with things,

I’m on a flight with no baggage,
only carry on so carry on,
just checking in I just checked in on a flight,
gone into the light of the night so if you’re checking for me I’m already gone…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆
Ana S Apr 2016
Girls don't dress to please the eyes of creeps.  
Kids don't ask you to take away something that wasn't yours to take.
No means no.
So what if she wears shorts and tank tops?
She doesn't have a sign on her saying **** me.
She said no, NO MEANS NO.
I don't even get people anymore.
I don't understand humans.
******* creeps.
Why the hell would someone feel the need to do that after they said no?
It's all over the news.
Child kidnapped and rapped found dead...
Young lady kidnapped anyone have any information please call....
Young boy last seen with this man on...
Too often are these children and adults never seen again, alive atleast.
People don't ask to get kidnapped sure people make ****** decisions. Never once did they asked to be killed, *****, or abused.
So this goes out to all you out there who actually give a **** about this...
We need more people like you in the world. We need more people who care about issues like these.
And to all the victims...
   It was not your fault. Sure people may have made bad desisions, maybe had too much substances. Maybe you were forced into things you will never forget. Again you are stronger than you know. You survived that and are living now. A lot of people take for granted how good they have it. The people who take for granted never had people do things to them they didn't want done.
Just a random wrote about something important
s Dec 2015
Yes, I still consider myself a ******
No, I did not "kinda" lose my virginity
Are we done yet?
Yes, of course, I tried to fight back
No, I really couldn't have
Yes, obviously, I said no
Are we done yet?
No, it was not "sort of" **** "I guess"
Yes, it still affects me today
No, I did not press charges, I did not want to
Are we done yet?
No, he did not use a ******
Yes, there was a pregnancy scare
No, he was not willing to support the baby
Are we done yet?
Yes, I have told people
No, I would never consider pressing charges
Yes, I was fourteen
Are we done yet?
Yes, I know, you all told me to be careful
No, he does not text me anymore
Yes, I have lied to doctors
Are we done yet?
Yes, this conversation makes me uncomfortable
No, I will not say "no" when you ask if I want to continue
Yes, I want to stop, but "no" has lost its meaning to me
I am done now.
to anyone who asks about the ****, hope this answers your questions
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