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You practice non-attachment
Yet you  wouldn't want to do
Without water.
You let water own you like a lotus leaf
You allow it to hold you in its never ending cul-de-sac
Flowing between the total bliss of nirvana
And the joy of samsara.
You practice non-attachment to desire
Yet you're wanting
Water. Ponds. Lakes. Streams. Seas
Your thirst is inextinguishable
Wild awake rain
And as you drink that unquenchable flood
Your lips are watering springs,
Sipping fountains of primordial tears.
Derrick Jones Sep 2018
When I look upon an unbroken field
I see freedom
No paths to guide me
Or to bind me by convenience, by habit
I see one million different paths I could take
And one million more
The freedom to move as I wish
Through nature in its natural order
I am bound only by the laws of physics
And nothing more
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