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A heavy weight lay upon my chest.
But then I gave a sigh. Of both, pain and of relief.
The pain of coming to an ending.
The relief of it all being over.

In the pain, I felt grief.
Of what was.
And of what could have been.

In the relief, I felt comfort.
Of letting go of expectations.
And the breaking of a long-held silence.

With that sigh, the weight was released.
In its place, peace took over.
Em Aug 22
The root of my pain,
Every stretch of communication,
Breaking my own heart ten times over,
Drowning in misinformation.

Which story to believe,
He said this, she said that,
Some dice have many faces,
Who wears the true hat?

A storyteller spins many stories,
Embellishes to add flare,
Who is telling this story?
Should the reader be aware?

We come back cause its easy,
I know this to be true,
Alas, the road less taken calls me,
This chapter ends with you.
Mary Shanti Dec 2020
Little brain of mine
Wanders about the earth
Wondering when and where
The light switch
will come on
The window sings to me
songs of something.
Blurry noise
hidden in a vase.
That once held red roses
Calls to me
I am to quiet
To still
To be filled with confusion
and if I don't move now
I will never be more than
Somebody that once was
Wandering and Wondering
Are you familiar with that feeling?
The one you get when you finish a good book,
Or when your favourite TV series ends?
Or even, when one chapter of your life closes,
And you have to step through the threshold of a new page?

Well that threshold, for me
Has always been a great towering wall.
I'd always have the means to climb,
But never will I want to or feel like I should.
It seems that I'm needlessly clutching at straws,
While the guns of change point to my temples, drawn.

Somehow, I eventually had to scale through the fears,
And just nick a few pieces from every threshold I pass.
You know, when days are looking pretty cloudy ahead,
I'll just reach in my pocket and look at them
To see how much has moved, and smile.
I just realised that it's reached that point where I have to cross again.
the pain must be
becoming more and more
unbearable each day,
and we have to continue
walking away from each other
when all we ever wanted
was to run
towards each other's arms.
so how about
we do this, my love?

how about we go on
with our day,
pretend we're going
to see each other
the very next day,
and face things
with excitement today?
how about we go on
with our breakfast, lunch,
dinner, and snacks in between,
and pretend we're going
to dine together tomorrow?
how about we sleep tonight
without crying our eyes out
to the memories of us
and pretend that tomorrow,
when the sun rises from the east,
we'll wake up
to see ourselves
next to each other?
how about we repeat
being hopeful every day,
looking forward
for the tomorrow
that holds you and I
in one page,
until we can
no longer remember
what we are ridiculously
holding onto
and we're just truly happy
with our lives
without each other?
Archer Mar 2020
How to smile when I want to frown
I'll stand on my head
Turn it upside down

How to laugh when I want to cry
I'll tickle my sides
And make me wry

How to see good when I want to see bad
I'll think positively
And of you unclad

How to be loving when I want to hate
I'll look in the mirror
My worth proliferate

How to be calm when there is a storm
I'll have to have faith
It must be my new norm

How to be me when I want to hide
I'll have to be humble
Someone else be my guide

How to move forward when I want to stand still
I'll have to remember
Not to use self will

All of these are things I have learned
They were taught to me
My memory they've been burned
Archer Mar 2020
I survived the culling
Walked away unscathed
I put tremendous effort
In my camouflage
I ran with the fastest
Hid with the stealthiest
Fought with the toughest
Some became gnarled
Twisted with rage
Others fell, tripped up
In a flurry of appendages thrown
Some gave in to it and laid down
Awaited it with fear and tears
Panting like dogs
But not I
Not this time
This time I outran it
Through fields of blade grasses
Through open plains
Through dense forest
Through muddy bogs
Night and day it came for me
So night and day I kept moving forward
There is no end to my journey
Only another day bought
Through effort, blood sweat and tears
I'm not stopping anytime soon
VKBoy Feb 2020
What just happened?
Why does the mighty being look so small today?
Why are your usual bright eyes now shedding tears?
So many eyes deem you ferocious
But who among them could see your heart of butter?
You who once lead a pack
Who put your life on the line for every hunt
Who showed the way for the young ones to walk
Who once believed all the pack members to be your own
Is now roaming all alone.
The sun lost his brilliance out of sorrow
And the winds bore your tears
And the clouds brought rain to hide your heartbreak.
O, great wolf, can’t you see?
The world is wailing after your throes
But it is also wishing you to overcome the tribulation
For who else can if even you can’t conquer your heart?
O, mighty wolf, you may be alone
But you still have the heart of an alpha
So please keep moving forward
And prove all ill-wishers wrong.
AnxiousOcean Feb 2020
Let gravity guide you to certainty
It is where you can, again, be whole
Tame your past over a cup of tea
Do not fall, again, to the rabbit hole
Let's be wiser.
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