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Emma Mar 14
It smells like rain today
The sweet scent of fruit
Golden rays
Now just the smog of cars
And the washed-out sky
As we long for the days where the gods roamed free
Nectar dripping from our lips
And gold once ran in our veins
دema flutter Sep 2020
you taught me
how much love
truly resides in me,
how capable I am,
of loving, being loved,

but you also
reminded me,
of why I had
built walls around
my heart so high,
that even I couldn't
get a peak.
Chris Saitta Aug 2020
Snow brings to earth the ash footsteps of Titans,
Winter in its giant vacancy of bygone strides,
The overthrown birth of frost mother and sky,
~The snow proselytizes all our warm tomorrows~
But the totality of loss lies like a starved lion,
Paws crossed, staring at the cold changeling-world,
As a young white-tailed Springbok ages into distance.
A Springbok is a white-tailed antelope found in Africa.
Robert Rittel Aug 2019
In the infinite ocean of light above the world,
the epp and tide of consciousness unfold.
Where ignorance and liberation in elemental forces struggle,
the inertia of life with it its tenaciously fears, desires and miracle.
The same awakening forces extend into the matrix of potencies,
for all redemption and bliss of eternities.
The shallow region are the domain of manipulative Titans severe, mythology in its universal language must be there.
In the depth of lights and and concentrated dignities of true vision, aspiring tranformation changes the chaos to enlighten decission. The de-evolutionary force in ever confilct with the ascending evolution,
the warring and complementary strain of divine conclusion.
The day and night in different Devas light,
and many hues of characters twilight in its unique of might.
Mark Wanless Jul 2019
the battle was
and yes i saw
a tempest

to tell to all
not a victor here
nor a conquered
just a soul not dead

Zeus was called upon
   and failed
the Titans were called upon
   and failed

men fought unaided
   as always
Tenant Jun 2019
Meaning forethought
Champion of human intellect
eternally tormented

fire and clay formations
Cultural Titan
Eternally tormented

Ravens pluck out his eyes
Locked cage abided by time
Eternally tormented

Endurance and strength
Holder of the skies
Eternally tormented

Endurance and strength
Skilled in math philosophy and astronomy
Hard enduring
Eternally tormented

Eternally tormented
Bragi Oct 2018
I was so in love
With what we had made
That any sense of sufferance
Of punishment
For my actions
Became an utterance, stayed.
Lost in my satisfaction that
I had given you something far lighter;
I was so in love,
Stolen, a divine fire,
Like Prometheus.
Mystifying Chaos Jun 2018
Winter emerges, as I grief for something that was forcefully taken away from me.
I'm the one who rises from the sea,
I control the currents; the waves thrash with the mere mention of my name.
The earth tremors at my wake.
I'm not made up of angelic grace,
I have thunder brewing within my veins.
Don't be fooled by my innocent face,
I may appear harmless but I was born tainted with the blood of Hades.
I seek no redemption, for I'm the judge who sits on the grand pedestal.
My violence knows no bounds,
It shoots and kills
And in this game, no survivors are allowed
So my blood reeks of vengeance
And my soul seethes,
As all the gory deeds and sacrifices fuel up my needs.
I'm the chaos, the primordial entity that brought you into being.
None of the gods can ever catch me, for I'm just a mirage,
I appear to be close but I'm always far out of reach.
Vexren4000 Aug 2017
The mightiest of monuments,
To gods of man and beast,
Hercules and Titans,
Men who ascended to the level of gods,
Such men still exist today,
men that spit in the face of god.

one leaf left conjoined, on the
last tree in the entire world
that was planted not only in
the barren desert but also in the
midst of an eternal sandstorm
that ravaged and blinded any earthling
organism that was brave enough
to ask for a taste. except one man
was blind enough already, and his shaggy
gray dreadlocks shielded his weak spots
while he trudged on for miles in his
balaclava, listening for the wind
in the closest space to crack and give
a sign. and then there was the tree –
not flowing in the wind but solidifying
into stone as the clock struck
15,000 years and the leaf blew away and drained the secrets
from its roots and locked them
away for the Titans to find. the
man was 2,000 miles away, and he
had just run out of water in the
desert when he realized that the
shift was happening already. so he
laid down and packed the sand on
nicely and waited patiently for
the Titans to take him under and
ask him questions about life up
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