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n-khrennikov Sep 8
I close my eyes and take you here,
I am lost in your brown eyes ...

I close my hands and I feel your body,
My breath take in your every breath.
You are the sea, I am a small harbor
In the waves whispers your hair, somewhere I live ...

Far away,
listening to the waves on the boat,
I call your name again and again before the dawn.
n-khrennikov Jul 30
And I calmly raised my head
Up to find your sky
through a light hole
still remaining ...

And the sun
It was already there And still one day ...

Heart suffered
left in the eyelid ...

And that is the sun,
day of squid ... A seagull

pale blue,
with light falling asleep ...
in the curtain slot.

And you are you,
and night and day ..
The screen ... and the light ...
n-khrennikov ©

Dark drive: Half-Light
n-khrennikov Jul 22
But the hour comes and it’s night, I find to a quiet corner to hear myself reason, think to write — a sort of secret passion.
~ NK
n-khrennikov Jun 16
Gray is the perfect picture.
Light and darkness sleep together.
Their wildness share, they create life dreams
to walk ... to touch,
their fragrance to be baptized,
And Love to mourn ... To mourn the feet, hands,
The sun in the first morning!
~ NK
n-khrennikov Jun 12
On the crowded street in holiday day
The day she met him.
She remember she invited him to celebrate
The day people waving flags,
run, laugh ...
all day up and down
marching friends.

Because it was dusk,
she suggest staying at home
to continue the celebration.
It was accepted.
They were celebrate homeland until morning.

The morning has gone,
He left, and he found her again
on Gorky street from the beginning
“My homeland”, He said,
“I need you”
and “I love you”.
“Yes”, She said
“I'm ready in every sacrifice "
And then
they get married.

Time passed, he was disappeared.
She always finding him
on the same path.
He never remembered her in the morning.
Only in the evening, like midnight
she was worried,
she sleep one bed in her arms
He still left
more and more ...

At least that's ways he appearance
when she was over years
She quit looking for him.
Waited him in the darkness alone, to look
He also stopped lying down
every night ...

And one night he never go home again ..
She did not find out when the door opened ...
Then she closed the door.
She stand before her whole life
a dream of the past, forgotten dreams ...
She tired to cry on her knees,
She stepped into the chest and locked it.
~ NK
n-khrennikov Apr 30
Is death like silence?
What is true with happiness?
like it is tears
Moments like the rain, dark cloudy thoughts and
a sharp soul in night ...

Perhaps a word doesn't say,
Never see the eyes with the eyes,
an empty hug.
But ...
Where will the dreams go?
when dusk comes in the darkness, with the rain
and with the deep river
When the lonely rebellions were engulfed?
~ NK
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