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Movies, television and, lately, computers
have often acted as permissive parents
or amoral teachers to their
mesmerized generations.
It could fairly be said that these powerful, pervasive
promulgators of calculated conformity practically
invented modern society. In this regard, humans--
more closely than you and I would care to admit--
resemble mere media creations.
Salmabanu Hatim Oct 2018
I am a Romeo or a lucky one,
I have both,
A wife and a girlfriend.
My wife is my T.V.,
Stable, always there,homely,
No extra cost,
Only pay for maintenance.
Enjoy it when home,
With popcorn,hot coffee or tubs of icecream.
Even has a remote for you to control it,
But no talking,
Keep quiet and listen.
My girlfriend is my mobile,
Lovely, slim and ****.
Turns people's heads when you go out with it,
It's portable,
Take her everywhere with you,
Talk and listen,
Play with it without getting tired.
No remote to control it,
Expensive to maintain,
Pay or get disconnected.
Can be hacked or stolen easily,
Have to be careful of viruses,
Easily replaceable.
Brandon Conway Jun 2018
Two hours with pay
To roam around town
Anything, to get away
This cube paints my frown

I used to do it just to get away
But now I am not so sure
Now I take,
                No I mean volunteer,
                                        My day
The one moment I can savour

Never thought pleasure would come
By giving a helping hand
Never thought a smile would be from
Helping those that life has left astrand

I travel the town for miles
Deliver the weekly meals
Return to work with a genuine smile
A frown, upside down, now heals

Well at least for a little while.
Salmabanu Hatim Apr 2018
I was nomophobic,
A mobile addict,
I had no time for anyone,
Day and night I was glued to one.
As soon as I woke up,
I browsed through Whats App,
Photos,videos ,and juicy gossips,
Not to forget some useful tips.
With coffee,butter and jam,
I  switched to instagram,
I updated photos in latest style,
It took a while,
Soon it was time for lunch,
With the children a quick brunch,
And time to open Twitter,
My tweets were getting better,
I had a good fan following to the letter.
Tea and again Whats app,
A bite of a piece of cake or a chicken wrap.
Dinner and Facebook,
To the kitchen to have a quick look,
If the food had been prepared by the cook,
My mobile was my partner,
My relationships ceased to matter,
More important than my child was my charger,
When my mobile's battery was low,
Seeds of anxiety I would sow,
And when there was no connection,
I would sink into depression.
Something had to be done,
My addiction to lessen,
My husband sent me to a clinic,
Till I was no more an addict.
Apporva Arya Jan 2018
Harsh day, exhausted, stressed and broken.
She reached for her mirror.
Ignoring family,mobile And virtual friends.
She needs an old friend.
Hello to beautiful people out there. In our busy life don't be just busy surviving .Don't forget  yourself and to be you today!!..
David Huggett Feb 2017
My friend is my mobile device, Apple is my brand
Where I can see the world in the palm of my hand.

It goes where I go.
It is my cargo.

I Twitter if I need news.
I periscope if I get the blues.

To find great pictures I use Instagram.
Whatever you do don't send me spam.

And on snap chat please like comment and share
you can do something risque if you dare.

Oh and don't forget to follow friend and subscribe.
But for you I will not circumscribe.

I have no time for verbal conversation
I must check my Facebook notifications.

everyone loves me on all of my channels.
I could teach every one how to ride a camel.

And when I'm hungry I check out Yelp and Foursquare.
So I can find only the best restaurants I swear.

I have the menu before I arrive.
I see so many people who are deprived.

No one can argue their point with me.
Because I will google it Bing it or Yahoo all three.

If you make a post on Facebook don't make me catch you in a lie.
I will check Snopes, Hoaxes and Truth or fiction I'm not shy.
I embarked on a fairytale journey
Set sail on a sail of dreams
Moving ahead with the oars of imagination
It was all as if a
Mystic celebration!
Had my past memories as my companions
Looking forward to gaining some more
As I'd anchor to harbour
Of unknown wonders
I was to create
A flyover
To new such movers
Of my mundane things
But as I was sailing past
Things of the past
Seeing and absorbing
Things myriad
Dragons and whales
The jungleman
Aboard his flying monkey plane
His dreams
Of eating berries
Hearing the sweet
Jungle cuckoo
Did feel I
Also felt his bravery
Of facing and making
The mighty tiger
His friend
Could I?
Puppets various
Dancing to tunes
Junglee animals
Howling in merry
They didn't seem sorry
Perfumes and ice cream delights
Mountains and heaps of
Oh my sweet tooth,oh
My craving heart
What not saw I
One of them I did pick
To be aboard with me
On my sail forever!
Forget how could I
Oh but what I see!
All that's good comes to an end
Out of my dreams
From nowhere
The nasty mobile rings
I come to reality
And attend the call
Oh will I
Forget those things
For once and for all!
Precious ones
Sipping the Coffee and, talking on phone,
The Boy is slowly itching  cheekbone.
Never in morning, he preferred a Walk,
Reading his Message,on Whatsapp and chatt.

Been Live on Facebook, And Sharing Status,
Enjoying the Nature, On net , not in Campus.
Now Playing his games on Laptop , I pad,
Enjoying his Win on , defeat getting Sad.

This is the boy , whom Appeals Instagram ,
Pininterest and Twitter but not Epigram.
And Throwing in Almirah, all his rotten books.
Shaping the Future of nation like schnooks .

Ajay Amitabh Suman
All Rights Reserved
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