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Kamal Aug 2022
Why you can reach me
But I cannot
You text, I am there
I text
You are no where to be be found
Your holding your phone in your in hand
Did you put it down?
It is your third hand
Ignoring me, playing hard to get?
Do I bore you?
Just say so, **** it
I can move on …
Daivik Dec 2020
They made him
A slave of The Past
A slave in the present
Creating slaves for the future

Through that little thing
He holds in his palms
You are holding right now
Andrew Rueter Dec 2020
Should a poet consider
what their work looks like in portrait mode
and adjust their lineation accordingly?
Or should the responsibility be on the reader to use landscape mode?
Jet Dec 2020
Mobile/Stabile - I don’t speak French

Main two types of mainly 3D artist
Alexander “sandy” Calder

Mobile - is a French pun meaning both "motion" and "motive"

If you had one of these above your crib to muse over as you drifted to dreamland, you have Sandy to thank.

Stabile-  following the style of the name mobile, is a sculpture that is unmovable

Both are French words I have trouble saying

I am becoming or was becoming paralyzed from my feet up
(they still haven’t decided which,
feel free to laugh at that)

Feel free to laugh at all of it, I do

I have complications from unbeknownst year long scarlet fever that turned into rheumatic fever that turned into julian Barre to thank for that.

There is no cure, so I’m using condescension.
I call it Julian Barre because “Gee YAWN BERET” is just so **** hard to eek out.
It requires more pomp than it deserves

Okay it’s part condescension and part more French words I can’t quite say.

It’s sort of like the opposite of when I try to say  “petit” pwessON” to be cute, I mean to say Little Fish to address my partner:

But instead say “petit pwazOne” which means
little Poison
Originally performed at iFell Gallery on November 30, 2019
Sabika Nov 2020
Shining bright,
Leaving me
It's a vortex
And it feeds off of my light,
kind to be

It taints and slithers into
Every life's necessities.
Now it wears a crown saying:
"You cannot go on,
You cannot survive
without me!"

It has become
The Judge,
And executioner

It has become
Our only means of
Expressing beauty and
In the most perverted of ways
As it tries to
Simulate an alternate reality
Making me
A fool
Who’s Kind to be
Pascal Janssen Sep 2020
Words die little deaths,
Hopeful kamikaze runs,
Endings on windscreens.
where's my mobile, i been missing you
if you were here, i would be kissing you
where's my mobile, i been missing you
if you were here, i would be kissing you

where's my mobile, without you, i'm not global
if i'm not global, i'm not really mobile
good heavens! it's twenty-four to eleven
i have to call shannon but i can't find my mobile

what can i do without my mobile? life is trite
don't know the difference between day and night
without my mobile! i freak out, suffrin' from a black out
i'm prayin' to god, lightin' up a candle, hopin' to find it

where's my mobile, i been missing you
if you were here, i would be kissing you
where's my mobile, i been missing you
if you were here, i would be kissing you
Brian Turner Sep 2020
Oh mobile you are the one for me
It all started with my Moto Razr V3
If only other could see
The mast on the M4 disguised as a tree

From text to WAP to offnet rendering
More love from you I will be sending
That scratch on the screen I will be mending
I work in Mobile Telecoms. I entered this into a cheesy valentines day competition and won a bottle of champagne, some sweets and a pink inflated balloon. The head of the department (A lady) was not impressed as I stood waiting in the car park with said pink balloon and champagne. For some reason she could not lower herself to ask why I had all of that :) There were many more verses but this is what I remember from 12 years ago. Look out for the mast on the M4 that looks like a tree.
Dreamer Jun 2020
Imagine you kneading dough...
and then something falls down....
and then you bend to reach it.......
and your elbow causes the flour to fell down too,
And you slip and fall on the mess....
Moreover, your mom comes and gives you a lecture, which automatically ends on

"That devilish mobile phone of yours.... get rid of it"

Hell yeah! Like my mobile phone caused all this!
Bina Mukherjee May 2020
The world has turned into a global village
No one can deny on that...

But..remember the phone we had placed on that beautiful table mat? was a matter of pride to have one..

The only fastest medium of communication we had at that time
It too had models...the rotary phone, the keypad and many fancy ones

We talked, laughed and sobbed sitting at one place as we were tied with the corded set with everyone.

It was fear of radiation or loss of eye sight .

Though it was much too costlier than what it is today....people still communicated and talked their heart out

Now...every hand has a cell phone which comes with many features overcoming the limitation of the old one
People can connect anywhere in no time
Then why...?
We are so disconnected.....!

May be we mastered the art of telepathy?...or we are blessed with a magical wand...?

We talk no more
We only make groups
We love forwarding messages

We have become mute.....

So can we again move to landline?
Come out of the virtual world by talking to our dear ones at this time?
Can we try and understand what they are hiding behind their smiling whatsapp profiles?

Let's do things one at a time...rather than multitasking with phone on one hand and laptop on the other...
Let's give them the love and respect when one needs from your side.
So ..... sit back and dial a number of your loved one...and help the world again to become one if not through landline but may be your heartline!!

Bina Mukherjee
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