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Tara Marie Sep 2021
The light of the Maui moon
The venom of your bite
Lit me inside like fire
Infecting my every inch

Caressing my sunburnt shoulders
Your hands seeking warmth and softness
My hands in your hair and around you
Connected and captivated

Your tongue painted vivid pictures
My back lifted off of our blanket
Sand all around under starlight
The nature of you and me

Emotional ecstasy beaming
Sweat and delirious want
The ocean crashing closer and closer
Moisture thick in the air

I’ll never forget the energy
That flowed so electric between us
I wanted you minute by hour
To be yours naked under the moon
Tara Marie Oct 2020
Its almost intimate
the way the stars shine on all of us.

We look up and capture their light
as it gazes down upon us and touches our face.

They twinkle, as if looking at us kindly.

We look at them,
white holes in a black page,
bright sparkles in the distance,
in an endless expanse

with hope

and we remark on the beauty of their nature.

They promise that in the darkness - there will always be a light.

That no matter the expanse,
there is always something distant, compelling.

That in just the slightest fate, a human could survive.

Just far enough from them
to keep them warm.
To give them air.
To grow.

And only within the luckiest fates, do two souls stare up at them
with a similar face
with a similar hope

Only the luckiest of fates
look up at those stars,
and feel something.

Only the luckiest of fates
will be looked down upon
by those stars

I pictured them as an inner-network as a child.
A very large highway, connecting their energy to mine
and feeding off of it.

The highway has faded with age.
But I feel the gravity of it all.

And I have to come back to them,
to see them.

Not as a background, but as they really are.

Spirits of the good.
Holes in a black page.
And distant energies
that persuade me to believe
some fantasies could be real.
Tara Marie May 2020
The sky is black and the clouds are sparse.
My eyes drift up and away from this plane.
The stars are like freckles that smile at me;
I feel so very small.

Nothing below is awake.
The fields softly quake in a breeze.
Faint sounds of cars moving fast
I imagine waves playing with shore.

When I crane my neck and look up
the globe of the night cradles me.
I can breathe and embrace the solitude
as if the universe is listening intently.

The crescent moon paints a softness
to the deep darkness I wade in below.
It’s as if I could reach out and touch it;
a lighthouse beckoning me home.

I could stand in this vastness forever,
where the clamor of thought is blurry.
The chaos confined elsewhere.
I’m a part of this epic abyss.
Tara Marie Apr 2020
dear sly smile,

I want you to know something important.
You really did break my heart.
You didn’t mean to maybe.
You probably want nothing to do with knowing why or how.
It takes too much time.
It’s hard to think back to before.
You were only a friend with a hot body and a sly smile.
We joked and laughed and the tension talked louder than me.
You wanted my time.
I listened to all of your jokes.
I envy those times often.
You made me feel the way sunlight feels.
It sticks to warm skin and the wind can't penetrate it.
Surrounding everything in light and seeping into the darkest parts of us.

It’s hard to say I regret kissing you.
Kissing you was my favorite part.
You hated it.
You hated the way I’d bite your bottom lip because it was sensitive.
But everything about you to me was perfect for awhile.
Even your imperfections.
The smell of your deodorant mixed with YOUR smell.
You own 100 colognes and somehow all of them smell ****.
They would draw me in and strangle me with lust.
They'd make me feel caught - entangled in your spider web.
And I wanted to be there.
Wanted to feel you when I rolled over in the morning.
Wanted to listen to any of your 4 laughs that came out.
I’d always listen for the real one.
When I heard it, I was so happy.
To know you were genuinely happy in that moment.
You were just laughing.
And it was like a poison.

I fell for you unexpectedly.
We hadn’t slept.
You were saying some ******* about the stars and the pyramids.
You looked at me and buried your nose in my eye.
Ran your finger down my eyebrow.
It was those little moments that made me weak with you.
Those times when you felt free enough to tell me your thoughts.
Your stories.
Your weirdness was like Kryptonite.
I ******* loved it.
And I loved you.

People told me I was crazy.
They talked about you like you were a bad person.
I stood up for you.
I said you were a good man.
I loved you.

You never knew the value of your words.
You told me to bring the pictures from my house to your house.
You bought "us" a Keurig.
You told me our kids would be perfect.
You got serious  and offended when I laughed.

Then you'd say how unsure you were about us, but I loved you.

You landed from being deployed for 2 1/2 months.
I was drenched from rain and wind-whipped.
You gave your dog so much love.
You walked away from the crowd and your friends so fast.
You didn't so much as kiss my cheek, but I loved you.

I sent you snacks and candy and mini-cakes.
I sent notes that took days to write so as to not sound too clingy.
“They got thrown away after something spilled”, but I loved you.

I said "I'm proud of you" in a genuine way.
I gave a professional recommendation for you at our job.
You got promoted.
I loved you.

I told you about my ****** assault because you made me feel safe.
You said “a lot of girls had that happen”.
As if I was just another statistic.

You told me you needed to be on your own.
You had other girls come stay with you.
You blocked me for no reason.
All I did was ignore a text and remain quiet to avoid conflict.
You act as if I’m the one playing games.
I'm the one causing tension.
But I have only given you exactly what you wanted.

Time “alone”.
Which to you means “single.”

I HATE MYSELF for still wearing your sweatpants sometimes.
For having an Air Force t-shirt of yours I forgot was in the laundry.
For keeping your house key on my key-chain just because.
For remembering the good parts of you.
For thinking of the time we made out in the shower.
Your fingers grasped my cheeks, neck, hips.
The water was dripping and the music playing.

I HATE MYSELF because despite all you've done I still love you.
I love your ******* smile.
The music you play.
Your dumb sense of humor.
All of your laughs.
Your cute *** dog.
The way you handle situations.

I HATE MYSELF because I can't delete the pictures.
I can't stop checking if you’ve unblocked me.
I can't get the thought of you kissing anyone else out of my head.
I can't think about her biting your lip.
Her washing the dishes.
Her eating soup with the spoons I bought as a joke.
Or her in another pair of your sweatpants at 2 AM.

I hate myself because

I hate it.
You still have me and I hate it.
And you don’t have to try.
Not at all.
I picked myself up from being broken.
I stared at my wrists in the tub and chose life.
I didn't quit my job and give up and run.
I didn't delete the pictures.
I didn't tell everyone that you ruined me.

I hate myself because I'd be ready to fall apart again tomorrow if it meant you’d just apologize.

If it meant your lips on mine one more time.
And I hate it.
I hate that no matter how unsure you were I wasn’t.
No matter how much you hurt me, I thought you were perfect.
I didn’t look for problems.
I didn't look for imperfections.
I tried to always have solutions for everything.

YOU wanted malice.
YOU wanted confrontation.
YOU wanted to blame me for arguments.
But they were what YOU WANTED.

And despite EVERYTHING...

I still think about those pyramids.
Dancing in the kitchen and getting stopped by a kiss.
The way I held your fingers the night you left.
The way your whole face lights up when you smile.
The kisses you gave before you left when I was with you.
People-watching and laughing at the Chinese Buffet.
When you'd say “this is our 1st time [fill in the blank] together.”
All of your clothes I wore.
Racing to our job and running inside.
The music. All the music.
You fixing my Apple CarPlay and driving my car to your house.

None of them will go away.
These memories.
I hate that I want them to but I don't want them to.
I can't ******* decide.
And it hurts.
It really hurts everyday.
I hate that the sun on my skin doesn’t feel the same now.
It reminds me of why I hate you and I love you.
And I don’t want any of it.
But I do.
I want all of it.
All of you.
All the time.
And you don’t.
And that’s all.

the fool
Tara Marie Aug 2019
An overwhelming peace rests here.
Enough for me to summon tears,
all my wants, my trials and fears
evaporate completely.

A whisp of white above terrain,
the blue on green on rooted plains.
I cannot see sorrow or pain
this far above the ground.

The air is thin and stirring,
viewing the world turning.
Windy waves, recurring.
To be a bird above it all..

14,000 feet above
worries, sadness, hatred, love.
Or even so, the lack thereof,
all silenced by the the sight.

When I find these lofty places,
thoughts stop running restless races,
and I forget all of the faces
that come and go with time.

Here, I feel as if I'm free.
Could be a bird, a stream, a tree.
But of this mountain I must be.
Of the world below, I'm not.
Pike's Peak - Colorado Springs, CO - 8/4/2019
Tara Marie Jul 2019
The ropes are binding tightly around my skin,
If thoughts begin to permeate
the ropes loosen, and I begin to open.

I shudder at the thought,
as opening is too vulnerable,
too steadfast and irrevocable.

I can't breathe, can't speak, can't remember
who I am, who I was,
or how in the hell I got here..

The ones I knew moved away.
Now I'm left with silent shadows,
tears in dark and empty spaces.

This decision was mine,
made in strength, with fervor.
Now a masked force has taken hold.

I'm wounded beyond repair,
thoughts are unsettling,
without the slightest idea of my way home.

What I wanted, what I feared,
what I need but can't fathom.

My ropes begin to feel comfortable,
helpful and welcoming.
I cannot let the truth escape.
Depressing thoughts on a Friday.
Tara Marie Jul 2019
Why are you crying?
Did the sudden arrival of what you wanted
cause your waterfall?

Why are you saddened?
Did the expected confront you with fear
that you can't take away now?

Why are you ashamed?
Did your yearnings amount to nothing
and your disappointment overcome existence?

Why are you lonely?
Were your wishes all exploited
and your hopes turned to ash?

Why are you worrisome?
With your filthy consequences;
did you not expect to weep?

Why are you anything?
Don't you feel the worthless pigments
of your skin, soaking in?
Thoughts at 11 am
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