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Markie Waters Nov 2020
Whirling, airy, smoky-immanence.
A sad, sad song is tuned for me.
Grey char, blending orange shine, eminence.
Now that this Old World is ending
Remembering all the good moments that you cherish so, only to have time push it away.
Markie Waters Nov 2020
Would row without a paddle.
Vowed to the what's, the why's, the how;
Sitting idle, weighed the mind that rattles.
What matters is you're alive/of life now;
Keep on trucking!
Markie Waters Nov 2020
Into the cursory environment, gripping to memories
Of all ones you see. Is it over yet?
As you gaze back seeing tree roots distancing, you stay berating
to the mirror. Fiddle then pacing, stepping not to the future awaiting.
Omitting the transpiring minutes, sitting
dabble dally, idling the glad, even treading reflecting water. Why?
Just one hint to pave the path into circles.
Depths each curve, that pang thoughts that hurt a lil.
Lengths racing treads, only finding your miss-steps.
Befallen to shoulds, the cans consummating the cants.
Gathered theatre, with quips and ribbing rants.
Recognized concessions to your stance;
Ten toes down in the Stage...Cognizant
~Markie Waters~
Remembering all the choices you've made and the audience you gathered in your midst.
Tiana Nov 2020
... how I sit everyday with
my thoughts astray: how
wonderful each day?

mindful, nostalgic or absent

in my head repeating scenes:
smiles of yesterday? promises
of tomorrow? - No
- only knowing today.
Past Nov 2020
Winter’s early months,
Carries a solemn sound,
Paired bitter fragrance,
Filled the vacant soul,
Think soley of biting frosts.

Winter’s middle months,
Assemble a bird’s tune,
Matching candied scents,
Known of lining mind,
Broods of woeful age.

Winter’s late months,
Carts a vivid air,
Coupled **** savored,
Divines the untold echo,
Fashions a taper edge.
Harry Roberts Sep 2020
One wide split right through the middle
Frightening fighting while I stay hidden
A war between reality and feelings
The path my feelings follow aren't always appealing.

I've invested my energies in endeavours proven destructive
Fed the essence of my aura into a river that's been occluded
All the sentiment sediment with the pressure becomes eruptive
Seems like the fallacy inside me had always been corrupted.

Imagination and my devastation have I always been deluded
Dichotomy so clear yet the opposing parts keep feuding
They create a perfect storm as if these factors colluded
Adding to the mounting anxiety making matters more confusing.
Harry Roberts
Harry Roberts Sep 2020
My chest is half full
Shimmering with love
Spilling compassion by the heartful.

My mind is my own
These voices are mine too
Threads of thought tough like sinew.

Unravel the knots so people can find you
Chaos can hinder weaken and blind you
Remember yourself be kind and be gentle.

Remember yourself and your morals be mindful.
When the glass was half empty
Hurting with its absence
Perception is everything
Even when its harmful

Harry Roberts
Imagine an enchanted;



A flourishing verdant
evergreen grove,

oxygen-filled particles
of Wish Light

A vintage letter falls
from the elder oak boughs;

Floating to your feet

Sonorously you read,

After a week sheltered inside from hazardous wildfire air in the Northwest, it's time to scribe a change.
Zane Smith Sep 2020
so alone
yet so surrounded
These words
feel rusted.
It's been awhile
Since my fingers
felt the keys
like this.
I wish to cry
like I know to do
but brain
Is paused.
Feelings feel
nowadays a blur.

I know my strength
but it feels transparent.
I know my worth
But it feels meaningless.
I'm here in the present
But my heart
Replays the past.
Everything is put
on hold
But time won't stop
So I cannot.
Robert L Sep 2020
Inspection leads some men
to brief resurrection,
But that course can also
lead to a defection.

There’s often some needing,
for a frenzy of feeding,
When we seek to feast,
on an ego that’s bleeding.

Is it real or some mirage,
lost in forest or garage?
So many casualties of truth,
how can we triage?

And this is that place
too well we all know,
that if you disagree
well that’s just your ego.

And right or wrong
you must submit,
Or be tossed from the circle
a dishonorable ****.

How is it we can be so blind,
to not see we are of a kind.
Who run about with desperate shouts,
without a mindful mind.

In the dark I see a wraith
Perhaps a remnant of our faith,
Ephemeral and tinged with rust
Forgotten father of our trust.

I’m not speaking here to thee,
what’s this paradox I see
But you said that, no I did not,
Oh, what a travesty!

Walk a mile in my shoes,
see for yourself what you may lose,
Perhaps you’ll find the fit so right
that it awakes you in the night.

And there you’ll lie and toss and turn,
amidst the loss amidst the burn
Oh, sad child who would not learn
Please say a prayer for me.
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