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Love isn't the answer
To every question
But I still love her

This is the start
I might be thinking about you
Soon, I'll feel lost

Is this love true
Or do I just forget
About what I've been through?

Is this love real?
I have so many questions
Just ask me why.
We shared the nights under the moon
Our beauty was spent
Soon we would yearn like fools
Time burns like an essence

Like a bird, she took to the skies
She would circle the stars and skyline
But she wanted to light the fire
I wish I was alive

Art and poetry flow through her
My heart is filled forever
But there is the promise of memory
That lurks behind, to end this reverie

Then, the trees will await her return
Lush with green orchards
This bird has flown
My love wasn’t enough
  Nov 18 Splashes of Surreal
Oh little butterfly,
by spreading your wings
in the morning glory,
you make my heart and soul fly.
When clouds break
The cold rain welcomes us all
Watch their droplets fall
Scattering carelessly on the roads

Dawn brings the light
Reminding me of you
A distant breeze flows through
Stirring the remnants of the night

There is a sky open wide
For us two
We can share it too
But I give my world to you
The sun waits over the hills
To liven the lilies and daffodils
As I am caught in its embrace
You have left this place

The grass plays
Sunshine is scarce
A breeze chills
It is beautiful and powerful

The trees are bare
But they let in the sun's hue
Its warmth shines through
But I miss the shade

Winter has come and gone
Summer isn't far behind
You have left a coldness in my life
To you, this is my song
Fear is the relief of
Being lost in the woods
When the canopy shines
Before the night arrives

Fear is the relief of
Being greeted by the sea
Welcomed by the breeze
As the storm subsides

When I lie awake at stark midnight
At night, I find relief
In the darkest reliefs of the mind
Where fear is a friend of the dark
Conversations over the smallest things
Thoughts of each other
Nights of talking
I still can't tell the truth

Morning skies rush to the north
The rainy cloud stations over south
Nature doesn't know which way to go
So do you

There is no dawn, no new beginning
No stretch of imagination
That brought us together
No way forward

Two strangers under the umbrella of the sky
Running from the rain
There's no real truth
Only comforting lies
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