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Trees sway to the night breeze
The birds welcome the rain
With a song in their hearts
As the leaves shudder in the cold

The lilies are in love
With the streams
Never leaving their side
In the light drizzle

On days when I'm tired
I think upon the song of the rain
And it begins to pour again
Filling my heart with gladness
snow has the height of pigeons today
translucent joy trapped in its consistency
the whole world is moving I am standing still
to listen to the intensity of ice, to its labour
to hold the tension of true opposites
the perpetual dance of white turning into black
maybe the trees are hallucinating their dreams
the same way we do
sometimes I forget the lesson of winter
to find itself again it has no choice but to
become spring
The coldest winter is here
Flowers have wilted
Friends have been gone for years
The heart cries its silent tears

There's an escape sometimes
After all time's too quick
For me to carry the weight
I tell myself that it'll be alright

If winter's goes, can spring be far behind?
As the winter rain came
The flowers came to life
Surrounded by the chatter of leaves
Upon which droplets fell and slid

The beauty that existed all around
Present in every waking moment
Faded into the warm spring of my life
That changed me as a person

I found the littlest things
That brought me joy in the coldest times
Breathing life into when I hoped
With a broken heart

I think this what finding love is like
You go through every passing day
Clinging to the smaller pleasures
Letting them fill you

Until happiness comes easily
Sadness becomes a distant memory
With her gentle breath
She brushes against my skin
My neck placed in her curls
Embraced in blissful sin

She breathes life into me
Pouring her soul into mine
Coloring me with brushstrokes
Of scarlet flowers and red wine

As I gaze warmly at her
The trees shiver in the dark
And flowers sway in the breeze
Leaving me numb at my heart

She leaves a song within me
That's only meant for the heart
An imbroglio in my soul
And a fresco of the mind
As you gaze into my eyes
I hold you close to my heart
Caring for you deeply
Hiding the hurt inside

I don't trust myself
But my heart is yours
In this solitary moment
Do you love this man?

When you touched me
I felt the warmth
Travel through me
Like a light in a dark cave
Under the bare, pale moon
As I burn hot and blue as a cold star
Hold me tight and secure tonight
If the leaves fall from their heights

In winter's heart, within the icy
Bring me close in your arms
Please let me love you with what's left of me
Only the tenderness of a summer breeze

This poetry lives on the mere thought of you
Building me up with strength
In the face of darkness, giving me light
Before I die in springtime
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