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Johan Nel Dec 2021
I woke up in the back of a car filled with twilight
a forgotten song played pleasantly on the radio
and the mild moment under the quiet trees
stirred in me the knowledge of the enticing present
I lay there whole and happy
awaiting my family's return
© Johan Nel 2021.12.13
Johan Nel Aug 2021
I roll my boulder up the hill
Heavy, rough and menacing
I push it slowly, it makes me ill
Eventually, it will roll down again

My feet are raw and my hands numb
It knows I will succumb
To the force that bears down
Yearning for the bottom

When I start like before
The burden is heavier again
So I sing a song too loud
To drown the crushing, crushing sound
© Johan Nel 2021.08.16
Johan Nel Jun 2021
I yearn to be the man in me who celebrates the success of others, to experience true joy in their contribution
The man who loves his fellow man from a place of compassion and delight
To see them strive in their metier and find one of the many callings that life has to offer

Despite myself, despite my insecurities and my jealous tendencies, I wish to see the best in you
When one finds the strength to want the best for your enemy, your nemesis, your foe
You seek a life of gratitude, love and a content spirit -  the potential in all of us
2021.06.18 © Johan Nel
Johan Nel Aug 2020
Vind jou vrede
Verder as die skerm Woede
'n Skelm van tyd en rus
Voor jy kyk het jy die lewe gemis

Vind jou vrede in die bed
Jou kooi se drome
In winter en somer some
Dit is waar jy tyd vashou in jou hand

Vind jou vrede in wat is
'n Lewe in 'n dop bewus
Een wat kyk en ervaar
Een wat jy moet bewaar

Vind jou vrede in die hede
Soos toekoms uit die verlede
Uit pyn en leed
Kom daar verlossing steeds
© Johan Nel 2020.08.30 17:32
Johan Nel Apr 2020
Die grys winter gras
Kruip stadig in die groen in
Soos my lewe saam jou
Is daar geen versoening

Ek **** die ***** Koue
Hart van ys, las van die dood
So voel my binneste soms
'n Hart van lood

Tog loer die warm bal son
Skrefies deur blou spookasem
Die warmte sal weer kom
'n Vuur in 'n reënboog lugballon
© Johan Nel 2020.04.08 07:51
Johan Nel Jan 2020
Langwater slaap
langwater duister
ons het verslaap
tot moeder kom fluister

Vind ek myself
tot ek weer soek
die liefde gelees
in die lewe se boek

Seesand getrou
seesand ontbreek
die baai van my jeug
waar dorings nog steek

Ek is nog kind
die eerste geboorte
en so verbonde
is ek nie verstote

En so ver soos dit voel
kan ek nog luister
langwater slaap
langwater duister
© Johan Nel 2020.01.16 14:26
Johan Nel Oct 2019
The Dark hounds of a broken night
They run, and scratch, and bite
Relentless and ruthless fear
Of the haunted past come near
Beckoned after the battle lost
Sly as the cat, torment the cost
Why do you come?
I ask in vain
When do you leave?
Remaining naive
When I lie, I write to him
The Old man of hope left to a dream
The promise of a life lived to the end
But on which day do I then depend?
I cannot know and so I must pass
From this day and night to an unwritten last
Mon 14 Oct 2019 23:31
© Johan Nel
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